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Submission + - Source Code for Prince of Persia for Apple II released on Github (

UnknowingFool writes: Last month, Prince of Persia creator Jordan Mechner announced that he had found the original source code to the beloved Apple II game on floppy disks. He promised to release the source code as soon as possible. Before he could do that, he first assembled a team of experts that could help him overcome any technical challenge like resuscitation of old hardware as the disks and the hardware required are over 20 years old. The code has been released to github.

Submission + - Apple unveils iPad HD (

UnknowingFool writes: Apple unveiled the third generation iPad today with specs that have matched some of the rumors. It will include a Retina Display at 2048 x 1536 and optional 4G LTE. Other improvements include a 5 MP camera and a new chip, the A5X. Contrary to rumors of the A6, the A5X is a dual core CPU but a quad core GPU. Base price has not changed and starts at $499 with models at $629, $729, and $829 depending on capacity and 4G radio. Price does not include 4G subscription prices. Also included in the announcement is a new AppleTV that will have 1080p resolution.

Submission + - Walmart to cease music store downloads Aug 28 (

UnknowingFool writes: Beginning August 28, 2011 Walwmart will close its online downloadable music store. After eight years, Walmart will no longer offer music for download but will still sell physical music formats. Walmart will keep their DRM servers online for customers that purchased their music with DRM. Despite having cheaper music, the store's market is tiny compared to No. 1 and 2, Apple and Amazon respectively.

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