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Journal Journal: Unknown Metal Found While Mining 2

I was breaking away some calcite when an unusual glimmer caught my attention.

I've run a few tests. It tarnishes black under oxidizing flame and does not emit a color. I cannot hold a sample well enough with any of my tools to get a scratch or streak test done. - a couple of pictures of the material, freed from the calcite matrix in which it was found.

It's dense. Water puffing easily moved dense garnet sand away from it while it remained relatively still.

The measurements taken on one sample grain were as follows: ~0.7mm length, ~0.7mm width, ~0.5mm thickness. Multimeter resistance measured at 35 Ohms. This gives me an electrical resistivity of 0.025 ohm meter, or 2.5 x 10^-2. I cannot find any metal with such listed electrical resistivity. My best bet would be that this is a semiconductor, given the relatively high resistivity, as pretty much every metal starts at 10^-6 to 10^-8.

I'm stumped!

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Journal Journal: 1978 Fender Super Reverb 1

Just got one in, damaged thanks to UPS. It was my father's amp, too.

Time to figure out this whole tangled mess.

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Journal Journal: Overclocking the unoverclockable 1

So I was given an Intel DG41TY motherboard with a Core 2 Duo E7500, 2.9 GHz.

I wanted to OC the board a bit. Looking around, none of the direct FSB mod programs supported my clock generator.

Fuck it - we're bit-banging this motherfucker MANUALLY WITH A PIEZOELECTRIC LIGHTER IGNITOR.

Grab datasheets, start checking for how this thing interprets signals. Cool, now I know how this clock generator works, and how I need to feed electricity to it to generate my desired clock speed for the FSB. Solder on a couple of diodes for the voltage drop, add on a resistor. Attach to the appropriate pin. CLICK THE PIEZO. Watch the FSB ramp up 300 MHz and immediately lock the computer. Okay, math was off, let's re-figure what I... OH! Read the resistor value wrong! Derp. Okay proper resistor is on. Try again. Oooh! 1 MHz incrementation, PERFECT! Test... Test... Test....

Okay, CPU-Z is smoking crack. 15 GHz? I FUCKING WISH!

In the end, I got CPU-Z to report the real OC - 3.3GHz stable, zero voltage adjustments.

Just because the software to do it doesn't exist doesn't mean it can't be done another way.

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Journal Journal: I'd forgot they made those things. 1

I dreamed I bought a REALLY big computer monitor, but I didn't notice the brand until I opened the box and saw "Arrivals" printed on the bezel.

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Journal Journal: CloudFlare Anti-DDoS is Hijacking Browsers 1

While trying to debug a site today (thanks to CloudFlare's Anti-DDoS blocking my customers from using anonymous/private mode browsing,) I discovered that CloudFlare's anti-DDoS measures will actively kill any instance of Firebug running in your browser. As a web developer, I find this pretty annoying. As a site administrator, I find their lack of respect for my customer's privacy appalling. But what I find even worse, is that CloudFlare is actively modifying my computer programs and how they operate, without any expressed permission or knowledge. Is this by any chance a potential CFAA violation?

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Journal Journal: How knowledge reflects...

The very man that taught me healthy cooking, my father, is now having to take healthy cooking advice from me in order to manage Type-II diabetes.

It hurts, and the irony is straight shitty. You'd think the old man would know better.

Guess alcohol affects us all in various ways. I know I'm a shit drunk.

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Well, Soylent decided to rub me the wrong way.

Anyone want 26 vulnerabilites, POC, and sample code to what their site runs on, with full VM pre-loaded with POC and code snippets for testing?

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Journal Journal: Flashlight Modification - From CFL to LED

My old Coleman 5324 CFL lantern had the bulb die (ballast still good.)

However, I did not want to go back to the horribly inefficient CFL it used.

So I slammed in an MK-R LED with a heat sink.

This weekend, I'll be making a test video from the top of the nearby mountain. I'm going to try to spotlight my camera at my apartment while atop that mountain, and compare it to other light sources, like the LED on the iPhone 4S.

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Journal Journal: Gone Soylent 3

We're finally open!

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Journal Journal: Wall-AC LED Drive Achieved 2

What else can I say? Simple, easy wall AC-LED drive has been achieved.

12V was the first step. This is ~105V. POC done.

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Journal Journal: "Feckless Imbroglio"

Do you remember which person was such a miserable failure? While Google made their search engine a lot more resiliant to the simple tricks such as that Google Bomb, I suspect many of you immediately knew exactly to whom I was refering. The phrase "miserable failure" are not only an amusing technical trick - it is also a powerful sound-bite that served as a useful reminder, social identifying mark, and common rallying cry.

I propose we use a similar "catch-phrase" for the NSA when discussing the mess they have caused: feckless imbroglio. The unusual word-choice is intended as a non-technical discussion point, as far too many people are alienated by the technical nature inherent to any discussion of the NSA. It may not do much, and it's highly unlikely to grab the "I'm feeling lucky" button, but slogans, brand-names, and catch-phrases can reach some of those people that are turned off by spying, computers, or other technical discussions.

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Journal Journal: Lighting LEDs directly from AC easily achieved

I figured out a simple way to make DC-operated LEDs work from AC. Most people suggest using a bridge rectifier. Why not make the LEDs the rectifier itself?

So I salvaged some LEDs from old damaged panels, and used them to create a rectifier. However, I used a 12VAC 200mA max wall wart, not 120VAC from the wall (I did not want to wire up four 120V strings of LEDs plus resistors and a smoothing cap for flicker reduction) so the circuit could be made incredibly basic. Essentially, the LEDs themselves acting as a rectifier eat up all of the voltage. Reverse voltage breakdown is not a problem, as voltage seems to add both ways. 12V total Vf for the LEDs, but as each LED has Vr of -5V, the total Vr is -20V. Can't overpower that with -12V. I've had my prototype running an hour straight on a heat sink, and so far not a single issue.

Too bad this is too obvious and simple to be patented. But have fun with it!

The flicker is certainly there, but for horticultural applications, as long as the photon output is acceptable, it will work. This should simplify LED design drastically.

Have video and have some some neat pictures.

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Journal Journal: Google Took My Money 1

I've been using Google Helpouts for a week, now. I haven't done much, only two clients, but I was supposed to be paid. I was under the impression that I didn't need a bank account to use Google Wallet. The wording on their site is 'Recommended.'

Well, my customers have had money taken from them, and not delivered to me. In order to get this money, I *HAVE* to have a bank account because I am now a service provider. None of this is mentioned when I went to update and verify my Google Wallet information. I've been on the phone with Google, they've been unable to do anything, so they say. Google, acting as the middleman, has essentially taken my money and says they can't do anything about it until I get a bank account. That's not possible until I correct an outstanding balance. I was hoping to use Google Wallet to be able to save up that money and then pay off the balance then and there. Nope.

So I've given out services and Google essentially refuses to pay me what I'm owed until I go through a third party.

Help me spread awareness, if you can, by giving me a +1 at

Maybe Google will take notice and fix what logically is a violation of the anti-tying provisions of the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act.

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Journal Journal: Free LEDs!

Just go look. You can get one free sample of any of those lights, but you can only pick ONE.

Dunno about you guys, but I picked the Bay Light.

It might help more to work in a lighting company. I am unsure if they have a choosing criteria for this.

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