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Comment Current system is efficient and elegant (Score 1) 990

The hour carries with valuable meta information. Under our current system if it's 2 am, you have an idea that you probably won't get a hold of anyone if you called. With local times more or less being synchronous, 2 am is the same most everywhere and with it comes information about conditions in that time zone. Without this information using the pure UTC time, you'll still have to ask about the conditions on the ground in New Zealand. You'd have to ask follow up questions about whether 2am there is business hours or dinner time or sleeping time. It would be a nightmare. No, the current standardization is useful and communicates valuable information in a convenient format. I am convinced that OP is a troll.


Submission + - Use Linux, Lose an Election

johnlittledotorg writes: "Rob Enderle has written a piece on Cuba's increasing adoption of Linux that represents an astounding achievement in the art of sowing FUD:

If I'm running against an incumbent (who probably has no clue about software at all) and I know some organization under them deployed Linux and that it is being positioned as anti-U.S., might I not use that in the election? "Ladies and gentlemen I promise that under my administration we will not implement products like Linux that put the nation at risk, which contribute critical technology to the terrorists, and embolden our enemies."
What next Rob? A bounty on Osama bin Linus? Please tell us how to we can stamp out this threat to our nation. Oh, all we have to do is install Windows Vista? Sweeeeet."

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