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Submission + - Why The Insurance Industry Wants To Defeat Referen (

blue234 writes: With support from Democrats and Republicans alike, the Washington state legislature enacted Referendum 67 into law earlier this year. The insurance industry was unhappy. So a handful of out-of-state insurance companies spent millions to obtain more than 150,000 signatures to put the law up for a vote this November. The insurance industry has cleverly called itself "Consumers Against Higher Insurance Rates." The rest of the story

Submission + - Radio Telescope is to become a Cinema Screen

somegeekynick writes: "To mark the 50th year of the Jodrell Bank Observatory, the Lovell Telescope is going to be temporarily turned into a cinema screen. From the article, "The event marks the golden jubilee of the Lovell radio Telescope and the dawn of the Space Age, and kicks off two weeks of celebrations called the 'First Flight Festival'. During the show, the huge dish of the Telescope will act as a giant video screen displaying images of early space exploration, astronomy, engineering, the history and future of radio astronomy and the construction of the Lovell telescope itself.""

Submission + - Call 9-1-1, get yourself killed (

ajb44 writes: What do you do if you discover a crime, and the criminals haven't seen you yet? Call 911 on your mobile. Problem is, some recent mobiles now squawk loudly when you do this, potentially alerting the criminals to your presence. A FOAF had this happen to her. Fortunately the criminals had already left, but she's now worried about using 911 when checking her woods for criminal activity. Verizon and Casio techs claimed that this is an FCC mandate, but it's not really clear yet. Please help tell the FCC, Verizon and Casio that this is a dumb idea.

Submission + - Etch: release date lost in the future?

ThunderHammer writes: "January and February are long gone with always more than 100 release critical bugs. Only in the last few weeks an energic drop can be seen and brings a little more hope (at the moment is anywhere near 70 bugs). Long development cycle often involve (long) delays and is, in general, a good paradigm for stability, testing and reliability but doesnt look like an unprofessional "when it's done" approach? Do fixed deadlines make sense in cases like this?"

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