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Senator Arlen Specter Becomes a Democrat 1124

Akido37 was one of many readers letting us know that US Sen. Arlen Specter has changed parties to become a Democrat. This gives the Democrats 59 seats in the Senate, and 60 if and when Al Franken gets seated from Minnesota. However, Specter said in his announcement that he will not be an automatic 60th vote for breaking Republican filibusters. While the senator's move seems to have surprised many Republicans, it is understandable to moderate Republican Sen. Olympia Snowe of Maine, who said, "You haven't certainly heard warm encouraging words of how they [Republicans] view moderates. Either you are with us or against us." Specter noted that in his home state of Pennsylvania, 200,000 formerly Republican voters switched party allegiance last year.

Submission + - Ron Paul raises 2 million in 12 hours.

An anonymous reader writes: Ron Paul's supporters have been organizing an online fund raiser for November 5'th. Halfway through the day, the total funds raised are about 2 million dollars. To put this into perspective Giuliani, who is the presumed Republican front runner, only raised 11 million for the entire last quarter. Real time information (updated every minute) showing Ron Paul's current fund raising can be found at

Submission + - This November 5th Ron Paul Money Bomb

Ron Paul supporter writes: This November 5th ( is a huge mass donation day organized by the grassroot people who support Dr. Ron Paul in the 2008 election. It is currently 12 noon, central time. We have already raised over $1 million. The contributing donations are still coming in strong! Pretty hard for "spammers" to organize this one, eh? Hopefully the media starts giving Dr. Ron Paul the deserved credit that he is owed!!!

Submission + - Biggest Online Grassroots Fundraiser in History

maxmerkel writes: "(better version of previous submission — please remove this) Today an online grassroots effort for presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul's tries to raise as much cash in 24h as possible — at the time of this writing already a huge $1,398,812 since midnight — this might already be the largest amount of money ever raised online in a single day for a presidential campaign.
You can watch the donation spree here or even jump in if you happen to support Dr. Pauls platform — the end of war, return to limited constitutional government, lower taxes and the protection of your civil liberties and the privacy of the internet.
A big success today will certainly give Dr. Paul the platform to change something in Washington. You can find a short clip introducing you to Dr. Paul on

apparently Dr. Paul also is a big hit at the MIT"

Submission + - The Ron Paul e-Bomb

rrt82 writes: Ron Paul has been the subject of an electronic revolution today, organized entirely online. The goal of the revolution was to set off the money "bomb" that showered the campaign with over $1,000,000 in just a few hours. The revolution got the November 5th date idea from Guy Fawkes. Is this the first revolution organized and carried out online? You know you live in the 21st century when you can take part in a revolution without leaving your oh so comfortable computer chair.

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