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Comment Re:Private industry doing it better than governmen (Score 1) 126

These are facts, despite our personal opinions:
1. Private industry won't take it seriously until customers do, because it's expensive.
2. Customers won't take it seriously until the impact is high enough. Even then security is complex and difficult to understand.

So there has to be a way to make security easier for end users than it currently is.

Comment Not a problem with credit unions (Score 4, Interesting) 110

I've been with my credit union for >10 years now. They are not in for profit-making, so no systemic reason(s) for upselling or fraud. They have online bill pay, apple pay, visa signature credit card with a huge credit line, more free ATMs than any bank due to their credit union network, and will refund my fees if I use a bank ATM. Oh, and I can call and reach a human being in less than 5 seconds, and the human being does not read a script. The only reason now for staying with a bank is if you can't be bothered to google a credit union near you.

Comment Re:Yeah, it's the Russians (Score 4, Insightful) 531

Exactly. Clapper is an idiot if he thinks that public trust is eroded by russians rather than warrantless domestic spying, civil forfeitures, drug laws, and failure to hold accountable those with facial or political clout. Come to think of it, Clapper himself has lied to the Congress before. So if he is wondering what is eroding people's trust, he should start by looking in the mirror. I can't believe that a first-class country such as ours has a third-class quality intelligence director such as this guy. I'd fire him if I could.

Comment Re:Every word is undermined.. (Score 1) 367

Yep, when I hear of law enforcement I see tax-payer funded concentrations of power that selectively enforce laws inversely proportional to a criminal's social status, and are too eager to spy on american public with reckless disregard for core societal values like privacy.

I'm all for encryption. A judge can compel me to divulge password, and I will, but not otherwise.

Comment Conflict would also be bad for China (Score 1) 1

If there's stoppage of flow in the South China Sea, it would impact not just electronic exports causing big job losses in China, it would also impact all exports causing massive job losses. It would also impact all IMPORTS including oil which would bring China to a halt. Try running an authoritarian government when population is jobless and hungry.

Submission + - South China Sea conflict could be IT's Black Swan ( 1

dcblogs writes: The vast majority of the world’s electronics — its servers, PCs, mobile phones — are now manufactured in China. This means any inadvertent escalation over the on-going South China Sea territorial dispute could do more than raise geopolitical tensions. About 84% of the world’s electronics are made in Asia, and about 85% of those goods are made in China, said Michael Palma, an analyst at IDC. “All that product flows through the South China Sea,” said Palma. Headlines about military activities in the region appear frequently. Just this month, Vietnam moved rocket launchers within striking distance of China’s military positions. Recent photographs show new aircraft hangerson China’s islands that are believed to be for fighter aircraft. “The South China Sea dispute is indeed a serious security issue of global significance because it has the potential to lead the world into war,” said Linda Lim, a professor of strategy at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan and a China and Southeast Asia expert.

Comment Re:I agree somewhat (Score 5, Insightful) 288

Taylor Swift, U2 and others talk about looking out for the small guy, but it's self enrichment that they are really after. These 'artists' were happy with DMCA when people like Jamie Thomas paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for downloading a song. They weren't signing petitions then. Now that YouTube is making money, they want a bigger piece of the pie. Nothing wrong with wanting more money, but "consumer benefit" is a lie.

YouTube has done more to bring music to the poor, by being free, than these clowns.

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