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Comment Apple is no longer a computer company (Score 5, Insightful) 228

Saying as a user of iPhone, new MacBook Pro, iPad, TimeCapsule and AppleTV, that apple is no longer a computer company. They are an iPhone company. They no longer make advances in anything else but iPhones. As my current hardware slowly dies, I'll be replacing everything listed above with better quality hardware made by other companies.

Comment Re:Oh noes! (Score 2) 295

You mean healthy people will keep their healthy organs, instead of dying and giving them to unhealthy people?

I would not go that far. Many people have organ malfunction due to factors entirely outside their control, that accounts for a huge percentage of transplants. For example, autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease.

Comment Re:This is going to get worse with USB-C (Score 2) 121

With USB-C, this is going to get much, much worse. Apple, Google and HP now have laptops that can get juice from every charger.

However, the protocol for that (USB-PD, Power Delivery) is a digital protocol. So companies that used to build purely electronic chargers will now have to build or more likely buy firmware for their chargers. There's bound to be bugs in there, but we're talking about chargers that can supply up to a 100W of direct current.

I dare not guess how much houses are going to burn down because of crazy power supplies.

Personally, I'm only buying cables and chargers that have been tested thoroughly. You can't trust Amazon reviews, you can't trust big brands, you can only trust guys like Benson Leung and Nathan K., who whip out the protocol analyzer and the benchtop electronic loads.

This is a real good source:

And this is the Google Plus page, where they post an analysis every so often:

I second this, after having done considerable research on this over the past week. Be careful guys, many well reviewed chargers with 4+ star rating on amazon by lay people (like me) were tested and shown to be outright dangerous.

Comment Re: Reducing Functionality? (Score 1) 104

Opinionating here, but battery status isn't terribly useful to a web designer anyway, with the exception that it could save your work status in time. On the other hand, I can't see it being a reliable tracker either, given how quickly the numbers change. I would like to see Mozilla and others put this effort towards thwarting real browser fingerprinting. It's still a significant source of tracking.

Comment Re: Saw this coming years ago. (Score 1) 204

False equivalency. You already have multiple lines running into the house, whether copper, electric, water or sewage. All the problems mentioned above have already been solved for these. There is no technical prohibition of running fiber optic along any one of those four. In fact, it has already been successfully done in Chattanooga despite bullying by incumbents. It is technically feasible and profitable, but hindered by incumbent interests.

Comment Re:Wha?!?! Hilary! lied?!?! In bed with banksters? (Score 4, Insightful) 756

Whatever Wikileaks' intentions, Clinton's own statements are being exposed here not anyone else's. So it's about time she stops blaming everyone else. Fact is that we citizens are poor judges of character on both sides of the political spectrum to have allowed these two to have reached here.

Comment Re:how is this beneficial? (Score 1) 174

honest question: how does this help general society? the way i see it, if people are so pissed off all the time that you can't tell if you are about to fubar things then you have no business being in any position of authority.

Basically this. If there are social uprisings, that's because people are discontent. The rational and more healthier approach would be to address the cause of discontent when these uprisings occur. Rather, the focus here seems to be on squashing the uprising itself. Approaching the problem like this is dangerous for the society because it means that government places a priority at silencing citizens. This approach is also dangerous for the government, because it will only make citizenry angrier and the uprisings that escape this system will be more revolutionary rather than evolutionary.

I'm also surprised that the smart people at higher levels of our government are still stuck in an outdated command-and-control mentality.

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