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The Military

Submission + - Israeli AF Mark 40 years of UAV Operational Use (

garymortimer writes: "The Israel Air Force (IAF) has marked on Sunday (2.10.2011) 40 years since the establishment of its first Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Squadron #200, located at the IAF base in Palmachim.

A ceremony was held in the presence of current squadron members and veterans, including IAF Commanding Officer, MGen. Ido Nehushtan, senior officials from the Israel Ministry of Defense (IMoD), the IMoD R&D branch, and representatives of the Israeli defense companies whose engineering talent and innovative skills have collectively pioneered to where Israeli UAVs are today.

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has led the IAF’s UAS development over the past 30 years, since fielding the IAF’s first ever operational UAS, the “Scout” and through today’s “Heron Turbo Prop” (Heron TP) UAS.

The Scout UAV entered IAF operational service in 1981,and excelled in the 1982 Operation Peace for Galilee (First Lebanon War) being retired only in 2004."


Submission + - Petri dish gets 21st Century update (

cylonlover writes: When it comes to laboratory equipment, it doesn't get much more basic than the humble petri dish. Aside from moving from glass to plastic and the addition of rings on their lids and bases that allows them to be stacked, the petri dish has remained largely unchanged since its invention by German bacteriologist Julius Richard Petri and his assistant Robert Koch in the late 1800s. Now researchers at the California Institute of technology (Caltech) have dragged the petri dish into the 21st Century with the ePetri dish that incorporates an image sensor like those found in mobile phone cameras to do away with the need for bulky microscopes.

SUSE Studio 1.0 Released 121

apokryphos writes "Novell has just announced the release of SUSE Studio 1.0 — a user-friendly Web service that allows you to create your customized Linux distribution as a live CD, USB, Xen, or VMware image. Users have control over adding any repositories, packages, and files to the distribution. A new user can do the full creation and customization of the software appliance in roughly ten minutes. It also includes a Flash-based 'test drive' service, which allows you to try out your appliance in a Web browser before downloading it."

Submission + - Beep-Beep: Roadrunners Tracked by Telemetry (

pickens writes: "The roadrunner is an icon of the open rangelands of Texas and the southwest, but until recently very little has been known known about the bird. In 2006 Dr. Dean Ransom, a wildlife ecologist at Texas AgriLife Research, began a study using radio telemetry to study more than 50 nests from a distance without disturbing them to research home range, habitat use, nesting ecology and dispersal of their young. Roadrunners' nests typically are located in a tree or shrub, about 3-5 feet high, and usually in dense brush not far from an edge, such as a fence line or ranch road. "We used nest cameras to document what the parents were feeding their young," says Ransom. "The diet is based solidly on reptiles, especially Texas horned lizards. We have also seen mice, snakes, grasshoppers and a tarantula, and importantly, no birds, particularly bobwhite quail." The home range of roadrunners can be quite large for a bird of its size, up to 250 acres and roadrunners actively defend their territory against intruders, including other roadrunners. "We witnessed a five-bird brawl that lasted about 90 minutes in 2006...ultimately the resident pair was triumphant," says Ransom. In spite of the Saturday morning cartoon depicting the continual struggle with Wile E. Coyote, the Roadrunner has few natural enemies, and mortality seems to be highest during extreme drought periods when alternative prey is not available. The only other source of mortality roadrunners face seems to be Grannies' speeding Buick, an artifact of the birds' tendency to hunt and travel along roadside right-of-ways."

Submission + - SUSE Studio 1.0 Released (

apokryphos writes: "Novell have just announced the release of SUSE studio 1.0 — a user-friendly web service that allows you to create your customised Linux distribution as a live CD, USB, Xen or VMware image. Users have control over adding any repositories, packages and files to the distribution; full creation and customisation of the software appliance from a new user takes roughly ten minutes. It also includes a flash-based "testdrive" service which allows you to try out your appliance in a web browser before downloading it."

Submission + - The Poor State of HCL and How-To Improve It (

techie writes: "The current state of the Hardware Compatibility List in Linux is poor, but there is a way to improve it. Here's how: "Perhaps one solution is to simply make sure that we are using a dynamic means to create our HCLs? Rather than this, let's utilize some of those great open source database options and create a live HCL that is actually logging something in real time. Take the Ubuntu Device Manager, for instance, that offers a tool for bug reporting already. This is a fine idea to be sure; however, I think we need to have an installation wizard that takes this utility's functionality one step further. Instead of only offering bug reporting from within the installation of a specific distribution, would it not be enormously beneficial to distribute data showing what is working in an easy to read, live database that is accessible to the users of specific distributions?"

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