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Comment Many solutions (Score 4, Interesting) 168

I think I would have each family member that wants to be part of this shared drive do something like:
- each of you buy the biggest HDD available
- setup a ssh tunnel in the form of a circle between each family member, where Alice connects to Bob, Bob connects to Charlie, and Charlie connects to Alice.
- each family member then rsync's to the next family member over, where they would do a full rsync of the shared disk, but do an rsync --delete on directories that belong to themselves, so if they delete / move files around, it makes the needed corrections on other family members shared disks without wasting space.

If you are running Windows, you can setup a scheduled task to at a time in the middle of the night to launch cygwin, open the ssh tunnel, and rsync away. If it is linux, setup a crontab. Initial coordination would need to be done to get everything right, but then it would be very automatable.

I do not suggest trying to setup a distributed filesystem across the internet. There are many pitfalls. Whereas this solution, your only concern is, 1) is ssh up? 2) did rsync run? 3) is the disk full?

Comment Re:Looks more like manipulation (Score 1) 249

This problem has been in the making for months. The reason the price was always ~$150 more than any other exchange was because you couldn't get money out of MtGox, and if you could, it would take a very long time if it ever got processed. There are many theories why this happened, several suggested that whatever bank they were using in Japan was setting some daily limits on how much money they could move. So in turn, in order to get unhitched from MtGox holding your money, you could opt to buy BTC from the exchange, and since everyones money was being held hostage, the people with BTC in the exchange could inflate the price. Watching there 30 day volume and you could clearly see things were grinding to a halt over there for a good long while now.

Anyone in the United States who deals with BTC's likely either uses Bitstamp, BTCe, or localbitcoins and has avoided MtGox like the plague they became. I personally use localbitcoins, because there is no fee's to sell, and you can get people to walk into a branch of your bank and deposit money directly to you and not have to worry about bank wire fee's in order to move your USDs out of an exchange.

Comment altcoin mining (Score 1) 371

Picked up two 290x for my main computer for gaming and altcoin mining. The fan on the 290x's screams louder than any fan I've ever had the misfortune of hearing. I have entire racks of servers that make less noise. Still not sure how I'm going to address this as I don't want to void the warranty, at least not without them burning in for a month.

Comment Re:Friends have better gear (Score 1) 201

The most interesting astronomy gear I've seen the results of recently are from a Pentax digital SLR camera that does image stabilization by moving the sensor, and has a GPS in it. Apparently there's a mode you can use to tell it to track the sky for a really long exposure, so my friend who had it was able to take some good galaxy pictures.

Does your friend post any of these pictures? I'd love to see some.

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