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Submission + - TV Tropes relicensed all its CC-BY-SA content, without permission

TuringTest writes: In the beginning, pop culture wiki TV Tropes licensed its content with the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license for free content. When Google pulled away its AdSense revenue because of... let's call it NSFW fan fiction, TV Tropes changed its guidelines to forbid tropes about mature content. In response to this move, two forks were eventually created. The admins disliked this move so much that they relicensed all content to the Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike version, despite their site not having requested copyright rights from their users. Only later they added a clause to their Terms of use page requiring all contributors to grant the site irrevocable, exclusive ownership of their edits. Has it ever happened to you that you released free content, and someone changed its license and pretend that it was theirs?

Submission + - Spanish Judge Dismisses Telecinco Vs YouTube Case (

eldavojohn writes: A Spanish judge has dismissed a case brought against YouTube by Spanish television station Telecinco for violating Telecinco's intellectual property. The ruling reads in part: 'YouTube is not a supplier of content and therefore has no obligation to control ex-ante the illegality of those. Its only obligation is to cooperate with the holders of the rights in order to immediately withdraw the content once the infraction is identified.' Telecinco brought the case against YouTube when it found that episodes of its television programs were turning up on YouTube prior to their official air and release date on their television channel. Things are looking up for Google's video service as YouTube was granted safe harbor from Viacom earlier this year in the United States. You can find an official response from Google on their EU Policy Blog.

Submission + - Machine learning and game theory

Bill_s16 writes: Space War reports in "Game Theoretic Machine Learning Methods Can Help Explain Long Periods Of Conflict" on a study in PLOS Computational Biology that tends to deemphasize individual influence on instigating fights and asserts that history carrying forward from past conflicts may be more influential. In other words...grudges. And perhaps a step along the path toward something akin to an approximation of Asimov's Psychohistory.

Submission + - Curing Malaria with the Bugs that Cause It (

mattnyc99 writes: Six years ago, we talked about applying genetically engineered, malaria-resistant mosquitoes to the large-scale prevention of malaria, which kills two people per minute worldwide. Last year, we made progress. Now, as detailed in a great new profile of one Gates-funded doctor's quest to engineer a vaccine ASAP, it looks like money, testing and government bureaucracy may be delaying the delivery of the breakthrough drug. From the article: "It means that before Hoffman can sell the vaccine to First World tourists and Third World governments and global public-health agencies and replenish the grant money he has burned through--before he can give the vaccine a chance to prove its worth in human tests scheduled for the United States and Africa--he has to sit around and wait. The FDA has asked for additional safety tests, which should be completed by January. Safety studies are necessary but expensive. 'You have to be so assiduous,' says Hoffman. 'And it's really good. We cannot do harm. The Hippocratic oath and all that. But it is mind-boggling.'"
Wireless Networking

Submission + - SPAM: IT struggles to close the cell phone gap

alphadogg writes: For a concept that's remarkably easy to reduce to a sound bite, bridging the gap between cellular phones and enterprise networks ("fixed-mobile convergence") remains stubbornly hard to implement. The basic idea is a mobile device that can use either a Wi-Fi or cellular connection, and automatically shift between them, to make or take calls, becoming an extension of the enterprise telephony and data networks. It's part of a trend toward the still ill-defined goal of "unified communications." Even with a flock of products designed for this purpose, from big established players and hard-charging start-ups, and even when pilot deployments are successful, enterprise IT executives refrain from taking the FMC plunge. "Don't think of this as an all-or-nothing proposition," says consultant Jack Gold. "You don't have to do everything, or deploy everything to everyone in your organization....Ask yourself, 'how does mobile voice communications help me?'"
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Submission + - 'Spore' Activation Servers Go Belly Up Already (

RevolutionRadio writes: "It hasn't even been officially released yet (at least not in America), but we are already having problems with the activation servers associated with Spore. The game officially goes on sale across Europe today and on Sept. 7 in North America. Regardless, certain retailers offered it ahead of schedule and have prepared the hugely awaited life creation sim for customers already. As a result, a great number of activations caused major issues. EA gave a statement on this: "There is an ongoing issue with the accounts server and the registration process for the game," and they added that the company is working to fix the problem."

Submission + - 3D library to bring back OpenGL from the grave (

TuringTest writes: With the controversy over the recent release of OpenGL 3.0, people is debating wether OpenGL is dead or it isn't. In this situation, a new low-level library called Gallium3D promises to ease development and refactoring of drivers for OpenGL (or any other 3D API) by acting as an efficient middleware between the API and the metal. Gallium3D seems to be gaining traction within the community with talks at several FOSS conferences (e.g. FOSDEM and aKademy).

Submission + - Most violent video game arrives to the Wii ( 1

TuringTest writes: In an attempt to bring the Wii closer to the hardcore gamers taste, Sega is preparing to releaseMadWorld, a violent 'hack and slash' game. This has brought attention from family-conscious lobbies: "The decision to release a violent game on a console which has based its reputation on family fun has shocked anti-violence pressure groups. Mediawatch-UK, Britains longest running pressure group campaigning for decency in TV, films and games, said MadWorld will 'spoil' the Wii." The game features black & white cel-shaded graphics, except for the blood blobs wich are in brilliant red. MadWorld is announced to be released in early 2009.

Academic Says We Should Give Up on Correct Spelling Screenshot-sm 30

Fed up with his students inabillity to spel korrectly, Ken Smith, a criminology lecturer at Bucks New University, has purposed an inovative solution, not caring. "Instead of complaining about the state of the education system as we correct the same mistakes year after year, I've got a better idea. University teachers should simply accept as variant spelling those words our students most commonly misspell.", Ken wrote in the Times Higher Education Supplement. Some of the new wurds that Ken thinks we shood axxept include: "ignor," "occured," "thier," "truely," "speach", "twelth", "misspelt", and "varient".

OpenGL 3.0 Released, Developers Furious 643

ikol writes "After over a year of delays, the OpenGL ARB (part of the Khronos industry group) today released the long-awaited spec for OpenGL 3.0 as part of the SIGGRAPH 2008 proceedings. Unfortunately it turns out not to be the major rewrite that was promised to developers. The developer community is generally furious, with many game developers intending to jump ship to DX10. Is this the end of cross-platform 3d on the cutting edge?"
Operating Systems

Submission + - Shuttleworth Sets Bar For Linux 'Beyond Apple' (

snydeq writes: "Ubuntu Linux Founder Mark Shuttleworth urged development of Linux models to rival what Apple has done on the desktop and mobile devices. 'Certainly on the desktop experience, we need to shoot beyond the Mac, but I think it's equally relevant [in] the mobile space,' Shuttleworth said, outlining the challenge as figuring out how to deliver a 'crisp and clean' experience, without sacrificing the community process. Key to this will be services-based mechanisms for creating revenue for free software that go beyond advertising, Shuttleworth said, adding that cadence in free software releases spurs innovation, and that a regular release schedule, as well as meaningful ties to Windows, will be essential to fulfilling the vision."

Submission + - The Death of Nearly All Software Patents? (

An anonymous reader writes: The Patent and Trademark Office has now made clear that its newly developed position on patentable subject matter will invalidate many and perhaps most software patents, including pioneering patent claims to such innovators as Google, Inc. In a series of cases including In re Nuijten, In re Comiskey and In re Bilski, the Patent and Trademark Office has argued in favor of imposing new restrictions on the scope of patentable subject matter set forth by Congress in 101 of the Patent Act. In the most recent of these three — the currently pending en banc Bilski appeal — the Office takes the position that process inventions generally are unpatentable unless they "result in a physical transformation of an article" or are "tied to a particular machine."
Real Time Strategy (Games)

Submission + - SPAM: Introducing Engagement Commerce: Fididel Launches

china_angel writes: "Sellers Benefits from Personal Sales Staff: Global Community of Trained "Fididelers" to Sell and Negotiate on Their Behalf SAN JOSE, Calif. — Fididel, the first online marketplace based on real-time negotiation of sales, today introduced millions of buyers and sellers worldwide to a fun and interactive approach to ecommerce: engagement commerce. Fididel ([spam URL stripped]) fills a gap in the ecommerce market by moving the online buying experience from an "auction" or "fixed price" transaction to real-time negotiation, a universally accepted way to buy and sell products in any real-world marketplace."
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Submission + - NZ botnet mastermind released without charge (

gronofer writes: Owen Thor Walker has been released without charge after pleading guilty to charges relating to an international cyber-crime ring. He was ordered to pay $9526 in reparations for damage caused to the University of Pennsylvania and $5000 in costs. Justice Judith Potter said she did not think he was motivated by criminal intent and did what he did to show that he could. She acknowledged his high level of skill and said a conviction could jeopardise his prospects, saying he has a potentially outstanding future ahead of him. The court heard he had received job offers from overseas companies and there was a possibility of him working for NZ Police.

I think it's nice to see somebody given a second chance instead of being locked up for 50 years.


Submission + - SPAM: Artificial intelligence used to customize UIs

alphadogg writes: University of Washington researchers have come up with a way to customize computer interfaces for individuals based on a 20-to-90-minute vision and motor skills (mouse handling, etc.) test. A paper (Decision-Theoretic User Interface Generation) describing the system — dubbed Supple — was presented this week at the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence's conference in Chicago. "Assistive technologies are built on the assumption that it's the people who have to adapt to the technology. We tried to reverse this assumption, and make the software adapt to people," said lead author Krzysztof Gajos, a UW doctoral student in computer science and engineering, in a statement.
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