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Comment Re:Fix Maps, only? (Score 1) 286

What about the recent Apple lack of innovation, and the reported lack of staff motivation? As a owner of 2 Macs, 2 iPhones and an iPad, I'm just worrying.

If that's your only skin in the game, i.e. you don't have a butt load of shares, then why should you even care, let alone worry? Enjoy your apple purchases for the next few years and when it's time to upgrade, take your business to the one-true-company that has beaten Apple at its own game.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 173

I personally find it appalling that Apple have not followed the spirit of the EU directive

You owe it to yourself to confirm this opinion that you have stated as fact, for example I read on slashdot that the EU directive explicitly mentions the use of adapters for compliance. Since Im not stating it as fact either way then I'm under no obligation to research this myself - aka I'm too lazy!

Comment Re:Such a caring company (Score 1) 456

Well at least you are trying to engage in the discussion rather than just throw insults around. But the point the parent is trying to make is that on the contrary it's very difficult to determine if the smartphone you have in your hand is ethically sourced. To do the research for yourself you either have to be rich and have a lot of time on your hands, or have a really weird hobby. To rely on the various scare stories, for and against, probably just involves reinforcing the opinions you already have. I know I'm susceptible and tend to look for the argument that puts apple in the best light - it's a hard skill to learn to listen to arguments from the "other side".

Comment Re:iPad Mini, why not just an iPod touch? (Score 1) 115

You might not agree with my comments and that's fine, but why call me a troll? I took time to craft my arguments (about 20 minutes) and unlike you I definitely have many better things I could be doing. Quite possibly I didn't do a good job, but it's quite sad to come here for reasoned debate and be met with that kind of response just because my opinion happens to deviate from the masses. Sorry, there isn't really any incentive to engage with your post any further.

Comment Re:iPad Mini, why not just an iPod touch? (Score 1) 115

I agree that apple are assholes for this shit and it highlights the terrible patent system. However I also think that Samsung are the bigger assholes who basically get a free ride by copying competitor products. I don't care what the legal system has to say about it and which team wins in the long run but in my book it's plain wrong.

Apple are guilty of this too of course, but do you want to know the difference? They have the confidence to enter fledgling markets where it's in no way obvious to anybody that there is a golden opportunity to be had and then they bet big. They bet way big, ramping up production, tying up components in mega deals.

Sony on the other hand cherry pick by copying business opportunities that are already successful. That doesn't take balls, it just takes a fucking massive company who can produce a facsimile of a competitors product (maybe sometimes better) and ramp up their machine on a massive scale.

Whoops I picked a bad time to "cheerlead" apple, expect me to be modded down in 3...2...

+1 overrated

0 flame bait

-1 troll

Too late!

Comment Re:no clouds, no thunder (Score 1) 115

Wrong on two counts. Pepsi is horribly, sickly sweet to my taste buds - coke is clearly the superior beverage. Maybe you like that but either way there would have to be something wrong with you not to at least tell the difference.

As for shipping iturds, apple could get away with that shit exactly once. Never seems to occur to some people that a brand becomes respected because it's repeatedly associated with good products. Out of all the willful blind spots nurtured here on slashdot I find this one frankly... weird. Totally fucking moronic. Prove me wrong though by citing another brand that thrives despite shit products and customer contempt. And I don't mean one that makes money, I mean an iconic brand that attracts a lot of customer loyalty.

Comment Re:These type of patents are bad (Score 1) 143

Yes and no. [Nuclear Missiles] are a weapon. Depending on who wields the weapon, it can be disastrous. Legally, [Nuclear Missiles] can be used defensively or offensively. I'd say the offensive users are worse than the defensive users. Overall the system is broken, but how "bad" it is that some company got a [Nuclear Missile] -- well, that time will tell.

I'm not judging you btw, I just thought this is an interesting analogy that might be worth thinking about. In other words it's moral for the world to stock up on nuclear missiles as long as nobody uses them.

However you seem to be beating round the bush and are trying to say Apple are the bad guys because they used them first vs Samsung?? The court case (and inevitable appeal) may give credence to Samsung acting first with their "copycat" weapon, time will tell.

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