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Comment Re:Laptops are not the problem (Score 5, Insightful) 134

A diversion that everyone behind you is forced to watch as well, which can be utterly infuriating.
People checking up on news, entertainement or playing games during class are projecting a wide cone of distraction behind them. It is also impossible for others to ignore it due to how the human brain reacts to peripheral movement and bright light sources.

Comment Already done. (Score 2) 433

Some science has already been done on this subject, and it suggests red light cameras actually increase the rate of accidents. If i remember correctly it was even covered previously on slashdot.

Guess the person(s) / corporation who sold this idea to the decisionmakers were not so keen at looking at what had already been established.
Also, I posted the full link as I don't know how to "linkify" a word, and could not find a guide anywhere. I'm a med student and not a programmer. Please, have mercy.

Comment Re:Amazing (Score 1) 341

You're leaving out a very important factor, the energy required for the manufacturing and transport process.
There was an article on slashdot a while ago about a study that showed that 70% of the power consumed by an average laptop (over its average life span), is spent during the manufacturing process. This means that you have to keep your new device for a hell of a long time before the "saved" amount of power is larger then the power spent on getting the device.

Comment Re:Making fun of a group (Score 2) 344


"Also, we find jokes funny for lots of different reasons. They sometimes make us feel superior to others,[...] The hunter joke contained all three elements" (The superiority element was the first of three mentioned elements).

Here the article clearly states that the researchers viewed this joke as being within a category of what you define as jokes that "make fun of a group".

Comment Re:Bring back US jobs! (Score 2) 373

Ladies and gentlemen please look to the to the AC above. Observe the unrelated statements, the illogical statements, and the excessive long list of names being laid out for no particular reason, in a very non-slashdotesque manner.

Gentlemen, and ladies, we have ourselves an employee of the misinformation industry.

Comment How did it start? (Score 1) 53

How did you get into these shenanigans? How did you realise that this was something that you could actually do, and how did you go from there to make it into a reality?

This seems like the most obvious and interesting question to me.

Comment Re:I did this a couple years ago (Score 1) 667

Yes, because "taking care of our customers" is completely motivated by religious dogma.
And of course, religiously motivated organisations like say for example.. the church, have never been murderous, crooked and manipulative! Oh where have those good ol' times gone, those sweet days with wholesome and honest witchburning, crusadin', peasant extortions and altar boy rape.


People never have and never will be primarily motivated to be nice and honest due to the fear of eventual retribution of some man in the sky. The main motivator will always be the fact that if you aren't it's likely to come back and bite you in the ass in the world you're living in now. This is a lesson that is learned over and over again by people and organisations that start to act out of line, and that underpins some of the basal aspects of human emotionality. It looks to me like BoA might be a bit on the receiving end of this lesson right now, as a matter of fact.

Comment Re:"Free" money (Score 1) 1797

If my cultural insight is of any value (I'm from norway) the travelling is usually done after high school, most people go to work fresh after finishing their college education.

Furthermore, there are student loans here in Norway as well, but it is looked at as more of an enabler of freedom than something that enslaves you. Remember that if the money doesn't come from a loan, it has to come from somewhere, be it you parents, yourself, or another family member. Money always enslaves someone, but it enslaves you less if you have the option to pay it back when you have a good job.
Then again, I'm a little biased as I come from Norway, where college education is free (for all intents and purposes), the student loans are generous, with up to 50% being converted to a stipend if you pass your exams. Luckily for my generation previous ones didn't buy into any of that "the market will sort it out" capitalistic bullshit, and kept our most important infrastructure controlled by the state (with a few notable exceptions).

Comment Re:It's a trap! (Score 1) 183


Your description of his description is way off. He didn't say Siri was just voice commands. Even my ancient Nokia 3xxx had voice commands. Pay closer attention, because you're just mouthing off now about your strange Apple obsession. There are already two products with practically the same level of sophistication as Siri, namely the mentioned Iris Alpha and the subject of this article.

Some people are so excited about Apple products that they can't even read a comment right or provide any tangible counterarguments other than "you're wrong because Apple is awesome". It's like a mental illness.

Comment Re:PC to Mac (Score 1) 522

I've heard that all Mac computers are technically the property of Apple due to some legal mumbo jumbo, making Macs not really "personal" in the sense that they belong to an individual. Although I would expect 99.99% of the people using the aforementioned distinction to not be aware of this technical detail that might in some ways validate its use.
Don't take my word for it though, I heard this from an Apple fanboy that mentioned it as a funny anectdote when I was complaining about the exact same thing as you did, and I'm not sure where I'd even begin looking to validate his claim.

Comment Re:Hopefully (Score 5, Insightful) 175

Because if this is done in the germ line, it will end in a social catastrophy.
What will happen when a group of people can say with reason that they are better humans then the rest of us? Today, it is possible to climb the social ladder because if you raise your kid right, he might not be so different from the kid of a millionaire, but when the millionaire kids are more intelligent and healthy by default, how is anyone ever going to go up in society?
Imagine the riots that will happen once 90% of the population has no chance at getting a good job or ever having a family member get a good job, not because they do not work hard, but because they are "lesser" humans than the 10% on top.

The only way this technology can ever be used for enhancement without creating a dystopia is if the state intervenes to raise the bottom along with the top, but that is also difficult due to the costs, and the fact the rich will be the only ones who can keep up with the newer and newer "models" of DNA enhacement.

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