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Journal TrollBack's Journal: Trollback for March and April 2003 20

Welcome to Trollback for March and April 2003.

Trollback is now entirely human edited. We've probably missed a few good trolls that an automatic system may have identified. If you feel that a troll has missed out, please put a link in the comments section and we will edit this edition.

Without further ado, the list in chronological order. Remember: there are no losers, just slashbots.

(5,16,34) b.foster | They're running an ACADEMIC network
(4,19,45) RM 101 | Re:Size..
(-1,20,59) (1337) God | Society loves violence
(3,14,45) Bob Abooey | Illegal????
(5,13,24) Tim_F | I would suggest cbc.ca
(2,10,18) b.foster | "Baby with the bathwater dept" eh?
(2,9,17) b.foster | How the internet triumphed over Communism
(-1,14,19) Anonymous Coward | Lex Talionis is a morally bankrupt code
(4,14,79) Sheetrock | Wait...
(0,10,22) Anonymous Coward | No excitement here
(2,76,362) unterderbrucke | No wonder
(-1,23,62) unterderbrucke | Look idiots
(-1,12,24) Dr. Stanley Blitzer | As a professor at MIT
(-1,17,37) unterderbrucke | Most open source coders (repeat of "No Wonder")
(1,24,33) Sheetrock | Doubtful.
(2,19,42) sulli | No deal
(0,19,34) I Am The Owl | Total ripoff
(3,14,29) Sheetrock | I don't understand

Well, as controversial a figure as he may be in the trolling community, unterderbrucke dominates this edition of trollback. On this sort of form is it possible that he will be accepted by the general trolling community? Only time will tell. But like him or despise him, 76 direct replies is impressive stuff. Truly a trolling icon.

Honourable mentions
The following are posts that made us laugh - some are trolls, some are just purely funny.

Moving slightly away from Slashdot, we can see a certain Mr Katz has been active again, if only by proxy. On that bastion of pseudo-intellectual homoerotic wankery, K5, user Hide The Hamster reposted a JonKatz article that survived the editing and voting queues to be posted to section by the ever vigilant anti-Slashdotters. What, can't find it? Maybe that's because the benevolent dictator benevolently deleted it. Community voting at its finest.

Not to worry, electricmonk managed to improve on this by getting another Katz article posted to the front page. Well, it seems that is has also been benevolently deleted by the benevolent dictator. Praise be to community edited sites! Congratulations to Egg Troll for getting something original and hysterically funny to the front page in the mean time.

Finally, we'd like to bring attention to the most stereotypical slashbot of all time, Hanzosan, complete with stalker and/or dedicated biter. Hanzosan needs a lesson in economics, and IATO is just the one to drum it into his thick skull.

Well, that is it for this month. We intend to post trollback whenever there is a sufficient number of good posts worth celebrating, or at least every month. A round of applause please.

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Trollback for March and April 2003

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