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Comment Re:I am so sorry for him (Score 1) 805

After taxes and medical, his take-home is about $8,000 a month or so. He's spending a little more than 1/3 on his rent, which is not good. That $3,000 a month might not even be a super nice place in a good neighborhood, either. Those would be more in the $4,000 to $5,000 range.

So that leaves him with about $5,000 a month for his other expenses. Let's say he lives frugally and can live life on $2,000 a month. That leaves him $3,000 a month to put into savings. That's not bad!

Now, let's assume he wants to own his own home in the Bay Area someday. Everything is going to be in the one million rage, unless you are buying a tear down or a really small apartment. So you're going to want 20%, or $200,000 as a down payment. Saving at $3,000 a month means he'd have the money after working for five years. That's five years of frugal living, no car, no vacations, and then his mortgage payments would be in the $5,000 a month range.

Yeah, the numbers are big, but he's never going to be in a position to live "the American dream", with a house and kids for at lease five years, and then it'll still be kind of tight.

Comment Re:$160.000 and a hole in your budget at monthend (Score 1) 805

Yep. If you and your partner are both earning six figures and you have been lucky enough to afford to buy, then you can have a kid or two and make it work. But you're looking at $2,000 a month per kid for childcare, so both of you had better make enough to make that worth while. If you move to SF with dreams of saving lots of money and buying a nice place around here, you're insane. Your only hope is to A) Marry someone that has property already (like me!) or work at a startup that hits it big enough that you get a a few hundred thousand in payout. There are a fair number of people in that boat, but it's not the majority. If you don't have equity in a company, you're never going to save enough to get out of being a renter in the Bay Area.

Comment Re:Worse than the space station? No. (Score 1) 684

In the case of the space station, Earth is right outside the window, and accessible in a few hours time in the case of an emergency. That's not going to be true on a trip to Mars. There's no escape. There's also not just the trip there, but the time on the planet and the trip back. Those on the Space Station are in a much, much different psychological bucket than on a trip to Mars.

Comment Re:Nope... Nailed It (Score 3, Insightful) 186

There is also the management of the manager: If the manager has too many products/projects on their plate they can't dedicate the time and focus to being that detail-oriented manager that gets things done. A good manager can turn into a bad one if they can't focus. That's where even higher-level management needs to set expectations and manage proper headcount.

Comment oh common (Score 0) 139

Sierra Nevada's design was a riff on the Space Shuttle, which is just a terrible way to get to space and back. Yes, you have a reusable orbiter, but you add a crapload of launch weight. That means you can carry less. The goal of these current projects is to act as a space-taxi for passengers, not multi-week flights like the Shuttle. No one wants your design, people.

Comment Ugh (Score 1) 545

I've JUST started using 8.1 for a project at work, and I'm constantly blown away at how much of a compromise the Metro Interface is. The defaults make it hard to find the things I'm used to, like the control panel, while the new interfaces are lacking in the features I need. Getting to basic features now takes more time than in WIn7. There are no advantages to the interface, and big detractions.

Just as companies held onto WinXP for a LONG time, I think they will do the same with Win7- there's just no huge incentive to upgrade. Home users are already turning towards iOS. MS has a hard road ahead of themselves if they want to regain what they once had.

Comment Chromecast Vs. Roku (Score 2) 289

I have a 1st gen Roku, and a Chromecast. When I stream Netflix with the Roku, I seem to top out at 2, maybe three quality bars. While there's no on-screen metric for the same stream in Chromecast, the picture is noticeably better. Perhaps the Chromecast is getting a higher-quality, lower-bandwidth stream, or there's some sort of throttling based on the streaming device going on?

Comment Re:Attrition (Score 1) 204

Managers are going to think like managers. The "upside" of stack ranking is

A) It fosters competition, which should also foster a better product (I don't actually agree this is the case, though)
B) It helps weed out the worst employees
C) It's easy to understand from a high level

It's an example of something that sounds good from the outside, but in actuality it has a ton of problems. Once you've had an organization the size of MS try it for as long as they did and see the results, no other company should need to go down that route... I would think Yahoo would be smarter than this.

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