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Submission + - Tracking Down How Many (Or How Few) People Actively Use Google+

BarbaraHudson writes: Business Insider is reporting that almost nobody is publicly active on Google+ From his 2015 analysis particularly, Morbius covers hundreds of Google+ profiles in detail. "We've got a grand spanking total of 24 profiles out of 7,875 whose 2015 post activity isn't YouTube comments but Google+ posts. That a 0.3% rate of all profile pages, going back to our 2.2 billion profiles. No wonder Dave Besbris (Google+ boss) doesn't want to talk about numbers,"

For those interested in duplicating this, both the methodology and the scripts used can be found here.

Submission + - Garage Owner Fakes Murder For Google Street View

mrspoonsi writes: A garage owner has apologised for staging a scene that looked like a murder in an Edinburgh street, which was caught on Google Street View. Dan Thompson, 56, who owns Tomson Motor in Giles Street, had to say sorry after receiving a visit from the police. The mechanic had lain on the road while his colleague stood over him with a pick axe handle after spotting the Google camera car from a distance. However, a web user saw the image and made a complaint.

Submission + - Microsoft Misses Pwn2own Flaws in Final Windows XP Patch Tuesday Update (

darthcamaro writes: Once again, it looks like Microsoft will be the last vendor to actually patch flaws that were first publicly demonstrated at the HP sponsored Pwn2own hacking event. Google, Apple and Mozilla have all patched flaws in their respective browsers for the security vulnerabilities demonstrated last month, but Microsoft has not. In its April Patch Tuesday update today, Microsoft provided the final updates to Windows XP, but didn't bother to include Pwn2own fixes."

Submission + - Facebook mocks 'infection' study, predicts Princeton's demise ( 1

Okian Warrior writes: In a followup to our earlier story about Princeton researchers predicting the end of Facebook by 2017, Facebook has struck back with a post using similar statistical techniques to predict that Princeton itself may be facing irreversible decline.

By using similar methods ("likes," mentions in scholarly papers, Google searches) Facebook creates convincing-looking graphs that indicate Princeton is losing ground compared with its rivals and may have no students at all by 2021.

Submission + - Chrysler recalling over 280k vehicles because airbags may deploy on wrong side ( 1

turbosaab writes: Due to what may turn out to be an elementary software programming error, Chrysler is being forced to recall over 280,000 recently built minivans and cargo vans. A software error may result in the opposite side airbags deploying from the collision point (a left side impact would deploy the right side airbags and vice versa). In the event of a crash, the wrong side airbag deploying could leave a vehicle occupant unprotected at the point of impact and at higher risk of injury.

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