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Comment Thanks for the excuse (Score 1) 671

to stop using your services.

A while back I thought about moving all of my personal correspondence to my personal mail server. However, as Gmail and Google had yet to demonstrate a complete disregard for privacy, I decided to stick with them as the services are very convenient.

I guess it's time to go through with my initial plans.

I use Google for quite a few things but, I will be avoiding all Google products going forward. You've lost a patron today, Google, and I trust I'm not the only one.

Comment Re:the real solution (Score 1) 950


I played sports during high school but, during the off season, I was part of a regular PE class. The majority of the students would run the mandated 3 laps or some such and then either sit around talking the rest of class or ditch and go smoke weed.

Regular PE classes at my school were a waste of not just the student's time but, the school's resources. Had they taken the money wasted on herding kids around a track for a few hours and spent it on healthy replacements for greasy pizza, nacho cheese fries, and coca-cola, maybe I wouldn't have had to lose 40 pounds in the last 12 months.

Looking back, it's a microcosm of the United States' disease care system...

Eat high fat/high glycemic index/generally unhealthy foods during lunch and then work as much as you can off during PE an hour or so later because, if you don't, you'll get fat.


Eat high fat/high glycemic index/generally unhealthy foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and then refill your prescription for your cholesterol/diabetes/high blood pressure because, if you don't take it, you'll die early.

But, I digress. I agree that the resources used for "physical education" in public schools would be much better suited elsewhere. As a musician, I would definitely support directing the funds to a music program. Look on the bright side: all the kids that ditched PE to get stoned would... probably still do it... but, I bet you they'd come back to listen to/play music. :P

Submission + - Google Images Undisclosed Face Recognition Feature

alberion writes: The Google image search has an undisclosed face recognition feature. Just add "&imgtype=face" to the url of an image search result to check it out. Can we expect individual face recognition in the future? How will this affect people's privacy?
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - E-Gold Shut Down by Feds

An anonymous reader writes: A federal grand jury in Washington, D.C. has indicted the companies operating the digital currency business e-gold and their owners on charges of money laundering, conspiracy, and operating an unlicensed money transmitting business. Department of Justice also obtained a restraining order on the defendants and 24 seizure warrants on over 58 accounts believed to be property involved in money laundering and operation of an unlicensed money transmitting business. Although the restraining order does not limit the EGold operation's ability to use its existing funds to satisfy requests to exchange E-Gold into national currency for customers of non-seized accounts, virtually all major e-gold exchange services have shut down operations. This effectively freezes the assets of tens of thousands of legitimate businesses, and chills innovation in electronic cash, for the supposed purpose of impeding a handful of child pornographers. I wonder if the Fed would as readily shut down Visa or MC to stop the rampant credit card fraud that costs merchants millions every year?

In his response founder Dr.Douglas Jackson states, "With regard to child pornography, the government knows full well that their allegations are false, yet they highlight these irresponsible and purposely damaging statements in order to demonize e-gold in the eyes of the public.

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