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Comment Re:TuxPaint (Score 1) 338

I have a 6 and a 3 year old and I will second this recommendation. Both of my kids used this a lot. It is pretty good training on how to use a mouse and it is creative. I pretty much limit their usage it to this and letting the older one go on the PBS Kids webpage though you might not like that as much if you are strict on TV.

Comment Re:Selll your stock. (Score 1) 398

It looks like a stopwatch? There is absolutely nothing sexy about a stopwatch. The sex appeal of cigarettes is well documented.

It is all a matter of taste. I didn't own an i-Pod until the touch came out. I found the original interface too simple and I could never stomach using iTunes. However I have to recognize that my tastes are not the same as that the general population. Examining all the things i love that becomes painfully obvious.

There is an elegance in simplicity, I just don't always like it. ;-)

Comment Re:Selll your stock. (Score 1) 398

Did yours have any children that would claim their thoughts as their own?

If you define a smart phone by the ability to surf the web then you are absolutely correct. But if you talk about making a phone that makes it so that you don't have to surf the web then you are totally wrong. The iPhone is the device for people who don't surd the web, they use apps. There was no viable peer of that at the time of release.

And no, all of my parents children died. It is quite tragic you insensitive clod!

Comment Re:Selll your stock. (Score 1) 398

A Microsoft store in Belle Square is purely a bad ploy on Microsofts part, especially with so many people in the area employed by the company and getting those same products at a fraction of the price.

The only people who are still taking a side in the Microsoft / Apple debate are people who don't understand that they are barely even direct competitors any more. I know a lot of people who run Windows 7 on their Macbooks. One thing they have in common is that they are both finding themselves late entrants into the 7inch tablet market.

There is no doubting that Apple has been successful, They will continue to bring money in for the foreseeable future, but I don't think you are going to be seeing any more years of 76% share price increase.

Comment Re:Selll your stock. (Score 1) 398

That is not necessarily a good analogy. Apple has already proved with the publishing industry that it isn't above meddling in the affairs of content providers, telling them how much they are going to charge for things.

If UPS bought Exxon-Mobile (which I know is ridiculous) do you think there would be a problem? Apple, being the big boy now will have to deal with these sort of claims when entering into smaller markets in which they have some level of control of how the market work.

Microsoft got sued for Internet Explorer, for fucks sake. It's a free product in a the market full of other free products.

Comment Re:Selll your stock. (Score 4, Interesting) 398

My pithy saying was gunning for +1 Funny, not +1 Insightful. I genuinely believe that Apple's influence has either peaked or is peaking. This doesn't mean that they aren't going to be the major player for a the foreseeable future. I find it unlikely that they will be able to maintain their rate of growth and if they start to grow much more vertically they are going to start getting a lot of unwanted government attention.

Additionally, past the iPad there hasn't been a whole lot of innovation coming from them. They haven't showed up in the 7 inch market yet. That is not to see that they won't sell a bajillion iPad mini's when they drop, but that is going to come primarily from within the segment of the market that they already own. The iPod was a great device that had no peer so it got a ton of people on the platform. The iPhone was a great device that had no peer so it got a ton of people onto the platform. The IPad was a great device that had no peer so it got a ton of people onto the platform. The mini isn't even out yet but already there are bunch of peers on the market that work pretty darn well, so I think the opportunity there is missed. We will have to wait and see where Apple will be innovating from here out, but I am betting that there days of first to market are shortening.

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