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Comment Re:That's one of the nice things about being well (Score 1) 118

I think that comment is mostly wish fulfillment. Display of wealth is the surest, simplest way for a man to get laid, and that hasn't changed in five thousand years. Neither Millennials nor Post-Millennials are a new species. The women are pretty much the same as women always have been, and the men are pretty much the same as men always have been.

Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 335

The state can make a law requiring you buy their product; a company can not. (In fact, this is what happened with Obamacare.)

The state can forbid competitors; a company can not.

The free market is far more consistent with a political philosophy of individual rights.

Comment Re:Are you for real? (Score 1) 424

To the other commentator who mentions rape culture: Do you have even the slightest idea what you are talking about?

They don't, and I would suggest they can not understand what they're talking about, because 'rape culture' is a meaningless, il-defined, and self-contradictory concept. If they could define exactly what rape culture was, it would either be horrible and rare, or common and unremarkable. They would rather leave it a nebulous concept, able to be used globally for accusations whenever desired, and immune to any objection.

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