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Journal Tomble's Journal: Comments posting: WTF? 4

Temporarily breaking my JE silence due to this weirdness.

Was reading this story today, saw somebody's ill-thought-out comment, and clicked on "Reply to this".

Having written my short-but-to-the-point response, I clicked "Preview". Scrolled about a bit (tiiiiny monitor nowadays, and Dillo still doesn't get on too well with /. so even tiny pages tend to span several screenfuls) to find where it had been displayed, and finally found:

You can't post to this page.

Anybody have a clue WTF that is all about? I don't believe I've seen that before. I was still logged in, and Dillo is configured to accept cookies from all of In short, I am flummoxed.

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Comments posting: WTF?

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  • you're back, so you automatically get a point of favour. Good Job! It's been sulking in the corner, occasionally ordering pizza and making crank calls until we took away its phone privileges...
    • Hehe!

      Actually, on the one hand, I never quite went away, I ended up making the odd posting here and there, but (apart from Turg's recent binary JE) it's generally been at a rate of maybe 3 postings per week rather than 3 per night!

      And on the other hand, I'm not actually restarting my journaling, just having a random WTF?!

      So all in all, you probably ought to take that point back! ;-) Sorry if it's been being a nuisance...

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