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Submission + - Hackers Steal $150,000 With Rigged Job Application (computerworld.com)

CWmike writes: Small businesses have a new scam to worry about: criminal job applicants who hack into online bank accounts. The FBI issued a warning on Wednesday about a new twist on a long-running computer fraud technique, known as Automated Clearing House fraud. With ACH fraud, criminals install malicious software on a small business' computer and use it to log into the company's online bank account. They set up bogus fund transfers, adding fake employees or payees, and then move the money offshore. An unnamed U.S. company recently lost $150,000 in this way, according to the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center. 'The malware was embedded in an e-mail response to a job posting the business placed on an employment website,' the FBI said. The malware, a variant of the Bredolab Trojan, 'allowed the attacker to obtain the online banking credentials of the person who was authorized to conduct financial transactions within the company.' This scam has been around at least six months, according to security vendor SonicWall, which reported the Trojan last July.

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