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Comment Properties of matter and energy (Score 1) 210

I don't think you need to bring time into it. Just think about the absolutes of matter.

On the one hand, there is absolute zero.
On the other hand, there is the speed of light.

These are measured as different properties (temperature vs velocity), but they are the two opposite infinite states of matter.

Absolute zero would mean the complete absence of energy. Light speed means matter has transformed into energy.

So by definition, when we're talking about matter, we're talking about the stuff that exists between these two absolutes.

(Do I have this right? I've always wondered if this is common knowledge in physics, or if I am not thinking of it properly.)

Comment Note: YOUR data is on their phones (Score 2) 143

Keep in mind that these unsecured phones carry not only information about you (your name, email, phone, address, photos, etc.); but also many contain deep info that allows a hacker to get deeper into other data.

Imagine your doctor's phone isn't secure. Also imagine your doctor stores passwords to her office system in her notes app. The result: your medical records are open to the world.

If 1 in 4 phones is insecure, that basically means all data about you that is out of your direct control... is quite insecure.

Submission + - Two Pages of Trumps Taxes Revealed 1

An anonymous reader writes: MSNBC recently released two pages of President Trump's 2005 form 1040. No more Trump tax documents are forthcoming, even though tens of thousands of people have access to Trump’s tax information, and over a million people have petitioned for them to be released. With all that potential access to these documents, why is it that no hackers have come up with any more pages of this widely-distributed data? If anyone found it, all they have to do is release it to Wikileaks, who has promised to publish it.

Submission + - Patriot Missile shoots down $300 quadcopter drone (

maroberts writes: In a stunning display of the capability of Patriot or a demonstration of massive overkill, depending on your point of view, a US ally has used a Patriot missile to successfully shoot down a quadcopter drone, reports BBC News

The party responsible was described by Gen Perkins, a United States General with responsibility for training, as "a very close ally", leaving it up to the general public to guess which of the 12 allies using Patriot batteries would commit such an awesome demonstration of asymmetric warfare.

Submission + - Spy agency, DOE, are very worried about China's supercomputing advances (

dcblogs writes: Advanced computing experts at the National Security Agency and the Department of Energy are warning that China is "extremely likely" to take leadership in supercomputing as early as 2020, unless the U.S. acts quickly to increase spending. China's supercomputing advances are not only putting national security at risk, but also U.S. leadership in high-tech manufacturing. If China succeeds, it may "undermine profitable parts of the U.S. economy," according to a report titled U.S. Leadership in High Performance Computing by HPC technical experts at the NSA, the DOE, the National Science Foundation and other agencies. The report stems from a workshop held in September that was attended by 60 people, many scientists, 40 of whom work in government, with the balance representing industry and academia. Meeting participants, especially those from industry, noted that it can be easy for Americans to draw the wrong conclusions about what HPC investments by China mean – without considering China's motivations," the report states. "These participants stressed that their personal interactions with Chinese researchers and at supercomputing centers showed a mindset where computing is first and foremost a strategic capability for improving the country; for pulling a billion people out of poverty; for supporting companies that are looking to build better products, or bridges, or rail networks; for transitioning away from a role as a low-cost manufacturer for the world; for enabling the economy to move from 'Made in China' to 'Made by China."

Submission + - Researchers Convert Biomass to Hydrogen Using Sunlight (

omaha393 writes: Cambridge chemists have developed a new catalytic approach capable of converting biomass into hydrogen gas using only sunlight as an energy source. The method converts lignocellulose, one of Earth's most abundant biomaterials, into hydrogen gas and organic byproducts when in a basic water and in the presence of the cadmium sulfide/oxide nanoparticle catalysts.
        The new method, published in Nature Energy, offers a relatively cheap fuel alternative that researchers are looking to scale up to meet consumer demands at the industrial level. Per R&D Magazine: "'With this in place we can simply add organic matter to the system and then, provided it's a sunny day, produce hydrogen fuel', says joint lead author David Wakerley. 'Future development can be envisioned at any scale." In addition to lignocellulose, the team was also able to produce hydrogen gas using unprocessed material including wood, paper and leaves. Paper may be paywalled.

Submission + - SPAM: Presidential Order on a Comprehensive Plan for Reorganizing the Execute Branch

schwit1 writes: Section 1. Purpose. This order is intended to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability of the executive branch by directing the Director of the Office of Management and Budget (Director) to propose a plan to reorganize governmental functions and eliminate unnecessary agencies (as defined in section 551(1) of title 5, United States Code), components of agencies, and agency programs.

Sec. 2. Proposed Plan to Improve the Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Accountability of Federal Agencies, Including, as Appropriate, to Eliminate or Reorganize Unnecessary or Redundant Federal Agencies.
(a) Within 180 days of the date of this order, the head of each agency shall submit to the Director a proposed plan to reorganize the agency, if appropriate, in order to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability of that agency.

(b) The Director shall publish a notice in the Federal Register inviting the public to suggest improvements in the organization and functioning of the executive branch and shall consider the suggestions when formulating the proposed plan described in subsection (c) of this section.

(c) Within 180 days after the closing date for the submission of suggestions pursuant to subsection (b) of this section, the Director shall submit to the President a proposed plan to reorganize the executive branch in order to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability of agencies. The proposed plan shall include, as appropriate, recommendations to eliminate unnecessary agencies, components of agencies, and agency programs, and to merge functions. The proposed plan shall include recommendations for any legislation or administrative measures necessary to achieve the proposed reorganization.

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Submission + - Sex toy company pays out $3.75m for collecting temperature and intensity data (

An anonymous reader writes: Some things just really, really shouldn't be connected to the internet. A maker of 'smart' sex toys will pay out approximately $3.75m (£3.1m, €3.5m)to customers after it was discovered to be collecting usage data from them.

Canadian company We-Vibe had appeared in court on a privacy violation lawsuit after security researchers found that it was relaying "highly sensitive" and "personally identifiable" data from its internet-connected products back to the manufacturer.

This included information about how often the owners used the toys, as well as the temperature and intensity settings they used. This data was connected to customers' email addresses.

Submission + - SPAM: Canada eTA, Things you Should Keep In Mind

canadaetavisa writes: The Canada government had changed the rules regarding entry to Canada last year. In effect from 10th November, 2016 all visa-exempt foreign nationals need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to fly or transit through this North American country. An Authorization Canada eTA is a mandatory document used in place of the visa for people who are from visa-exempt nations to get an entry into Canada. Legitimate for five years or until the termination of your passport, it enables you to make as many trips to Canada as you want and even stay there for six months at a stretch. However, the entry requirements using other ways of travel such as road or sea to Canada have not changed.
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Submission + - Apple's iPhone 8 To Replace Touch ID Home Button With 'Function Area' (

An anonymous reader writes: Apple will ditch the home button when it debuts a new 'iPhone 8' model later this year, and will dedicate the extra screen real estate to an area for virtual buttons, according to KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Adding detail to his previous predictions regarding the next-generation handset, Kuo in a note to investors obtained by AppleInsider said the full-screen design will allow Apple to integrate a "function" area never seen in an iPhone. The device is expected to adopt a 5.8-inch OLED panel in a form factor similar to the current 4.7-inch iPhone 7. Despite having extended screen real estate as compared to current iPhone models, the actual active display area on "iPhone 8" will be closer to 5.15 inches on the diagonal, with the remaining bottom portion dedicated to system functions like virtual buttons. While Kuo failed to elaborate on an exact implementation, the note suggests Apple plans to hardcode a set of always-on, static system controls into iOS. Whether the so-called "function area" is capable of switching to an active display mode for in-app activities like watching videos or playing games, remains to be seen. With the deletion of current Touch ID technology, Kuo believes "iPhone 8" will incorporate new bio-recognition assets to take over device security and Apple Pay authentication duties. The analyst did not offer predictions on the type of biometric tech Apple intends to use, but a report earlier today said the company could integrate a 3D laser scanning module capable of facilitating facial recognition and augmented reality applications. Kuo in a note last month said Apple might integrate a dual biometric system utilizing optical fingerprint readers and facial recognition hardware.

Submission + - Your Digital Life Can Be Legally Seized at the Border 3

Toe, The writes: Quincy Larson from freeCodeCamp relates some frightening stories from U.S. citizens entering their own country, and notes that you don't have fourth and fifth amendment rights at the border. People can and have been compelled to give their phone password (or be detained indefinitely) before entering the U.S and other countries. Given what we keep on our phones, he concludes that it is now both easy and legal for customs and border control to access your whole digital life. And he provides some nice insights on how easy it is to access and store the whole thing, how widespread access would be to that data, and how easy it would be for the wrong hands to get on it. His advice: before you travel internationally, wipe your phone or bring/rent/buy a clean one.

Submission + - JavaScript Attack Breaks ASLR on 22 CPU Architectures (

An anonymous reader writes: Five researchers from the Vrije University in the Netherlands have put together an attack that can be carried out via JavaScript code and break ASLR protection on at least 22 microprocessor architectures from vendors such as Intel, AMD, ARM, Allwinner, Nvidia, and others. The attack, christened ASLRCache, or AnC, focuses on the memory management unit (MMU), a lesser known component of many CPU architectures, which is tasked with improving performance for cache management operations.

What researchers discovered was that this component shares some of its cache with untrusted applications, including browsers. This meant that researchers could send malicious JavaScript that specifically targeted this shared memory space and attempted to read its content. In layman's terms, this means an AnC attack can break ASLR and allow the attacker to read portions of the computer's memory, which he could then use to launch more complex exploits and escalate access to the entire OS.

Researchers have published two papers [1, 2] detailing the AnC attack, along with two videos[1, 2] showing the attack in action.

Submission + - WikiLeaks Calls on Hackers for Trump's Taxes 1

An anonymous reader writes: WikiLeaks recently tweeted that they would publish Donald Trump’s tax returns if someone will leak them. Given how many people, organizations, companies, and governments have access to Trump’s taxes, it is somewhat of a mystery why hackers have not acquired them yet. However, Russia hacked the Republican National Committee and possibly (probably?) other Trump-related information-stores, and can use it to blackmail the president. Why have regular hackers not come up with anything...or are they just not sharing?

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