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Submission + - Anonymizer tied to company selling TrapWire surveillance to governments (

colinneagle writes: Anonymizer has built a reputation as a "Trusted leader in online privacy since 1995," but the company that sells anonymity as a software service has ties to Abraxas Corporation and the TrapWire global spying system.

Anonymizer is anonymity-busting by default, since your real name is tied to the account or credit card that you use to pay the company keeping you "anonymous." This exact thing is what got alleged LulzSec member 'Recursion' busted. As TorrentFreak stated, "Many pro-privacy activists accused HideMyAss of becoming SellMyAss."

While Anonymizer uses the reasoning "I want to feel safe when I'm online" for home users, or "We need to protect our online business initiatives" for businesses, it's alarming that the "privacy" software is tied to the company selling surveillance to governments on a global scale. Do you trust Anonymizer now?


Submission + - Bill Gates Wants To Reinvent The Toilet (

redletterdave writes: "Bill Gates, the man responsible for bringing software to the masses with Microsoft and Windows, has plans to reinvent and popularize another industry: Sanitation. Gates, whose philanthropic efforts have helped bring clean water and resources to developing countries via the foundation created by he and his wife Melinda, said at the "Reinvent The Toilet Fair" in Seattle on Wednesday that he plans to build a toilet that's better suited to developing countries in an effort to cut down on disease and death in those regions. "Inventing new toilets is one of the most important things we can do to reduce child deaths and disease and improve people's lives," Gates said. "It is also something that can help wealthier countries conserve fresh water for other important purposes besides flushing.""

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