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Submission + - The day the Routers died (

Raindeer writes: "The RIPE 55 meeting has just concluded. There was much debate on what to do on the imminent depletion of the unallocated IPv4 pool in 2010. We could do nothing or we could create a market place and facilitate transfer of IP-adresses, but it's all a train wreck waiting to happen. This is best shown however by a beautiful song "The day the routers died" also available on Youtube written and performed by Gary Feldman. So please all upgrade to IPv6 soon, or else you will not get 40Gbit/s to your mother."

Submission + - Gimp 2.4 released

ColeonyxOnline writes: Gimp 2.4 was released today. Among the many improvements are the new user interface, new tools, support for a few more file formats, and better printing support.

Submission + - 50% of AV products detect less than 75% of viruses (

Marnix de Bil writes: "Research by Netherlands-based company Qnetlabs shows that 50% of the tested antivirus products detect only as little as 75% of the viruses offered to them. One of the products tested scored as low as 22% !

A daily Current Threat top 3 is published at This ranking aims to show which antivirus products react well to current often-seen threats. The tests show that the first three usually score over 85%, and the first five rank at 80% or better. The rest of the field fails to exceed 75% detection rate, with the latest virus definitions.

On average, the antivirus products outside the first three detect only 50% of these recent viruses — within this group, the big players in the consumer market are found as well."


Submission + - Gauss gun - Coil gun

Goranek writes: "Gauss gun or Coil gun is very simple toy uses a magnetic chain reaction to launch a steel marble at a target at high speed. The toy is very simple to build, going together in minutes, and is very simple to understand and explain, and yet fascinating to watch and to use."

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