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Submission + - Prove you are smart... or Die! ( 1

Tisha_AH writes: "Wired UK is running an article about vending machines installed by Britvic in the UK where free beverages are dispensed if you can pass a series of mental challenges.

This is contrary to millions of years of evolutionary pressures where only the biggest and strongest had a spot at the watering hole. If this trend continues will we see well hydrated nerds clubbing their mates with the thighbones of our less intelligent brethren? Installing these machines at the offices of elected officials may result in "evolution in action" as the herd is thinned out by drought.

A clever designer would install a negative feedback loop where the beverage would contain a high percentage of alcohol (beer). Even the most clever IT professional would reach a limit after two or three visit to the ambrosia springs."

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