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Comment Re:Commercial support matters? (Score 2, Informative) 189

That's not true. We tried to help you but you resisted reading some essential books, manuals, tutorials and examples about Zope, Plone and Archetypes.

We help other people on #plone in our free time and we don't get paid for it. We like to help and most people are amazed about the help they get on the mailing lists and the irc channel.

We are helping newbies to start with plone and we are helping novice to experts with precise problems. But we are not able to take you on your hand and guide you from the beginning to an expert. You have to spend time to learn all stuff yourself or you have to pay money for commercial support.

You don't need to be our friend to get help from us but if you start to offend us you can NOT expect to get more answers to your questions.

Plone and Archetypes core developer
Supporter and moderator on #plone

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