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Comment 10% = 100% (Score 1) 293

Okay, who wants to explain to me how a 10% reduction in pig production ends up doubling the price? Also, my bacon from the food co-op will remain the exact same price until demand gets so crazy that each pig is worth about as much as a Ferrari.

Comment Re:Bah! (Score 1) 8

I actually used to work there and everything besides the pizza is frozen and simply thawed. I'm going for the shirt and the company, but I would 100% support a change of location (especially since there's only 6 of us so far) Maybe Cottage Inn instead? (Or grizzly peak, for better beer)


Submission + - USPTO blocks web access to "Political/Activist Groups" (

Ultracrepidarian writes: Per Jamie Love, Director of Knowledge Ecology International:

Today I was visiting the USPTO, for a high level meeting on global negotiations on intellectual property and access to medicine. The meeting was held in the Stockholm Room, on the 2nd floor of the USPTO library, at the main USPTO building at 600 Dulany Street, Alexandria, VA. The USPTO also uses these meeting rooms for its Global Intellectual Property Academy (GIPA). The USPTO offers free Wifi for the visitors. But when I tried to login to I received this message:

        Access Denied (content_filter_denied)

        Your request was denied because this URL contains content that is categorized as: "Political/Activist Groups" which is blocked by USPTO policy. If you believe the categorization is inaccurate, please contact the USPTO Service Desk and request a manual review of the URL.

        For assistance, contact USPTO OCIO IT Service Desk. (io-proxy4)

We checked and found that the USPTO blocks access to a number of groups that have followed SOPA and the TPP intellectual property negotiations, particularly those critical of the USPTO positions on intellectual property issues. Among the NGOs that were blocked were,,,,, and Among the sites NOT BLOCKED were the industry lobby groups BSA, MPPA, RIIA, and PhRMA.


Submission + - The TPP, it is as bad as you think it is (

Presto Vivace writes: "The TPP is not just another horrible trade agreement. According this this article by Laurel Sutherlin it is a huge corporate power grab: Meet the TPP: A Worldwide Corporate Power Grab of Enormous Proportions

The TPP is called a "trade agreement,' but in actuality it is a long-dreamed-of template for implementing a binding system of global corporate governance as bold as anything the world's wealthiest elite has attempted before. Of the 26 chapters under negotiation, only a few have to do directly with trade. The other chapters enshrine new rights and privileges for major corporations while weakening the power of nation states to oppose them. The TPP essentially proposes to establish a parallel system of justice where companies can sue countries in a tribunal of judges composed of unaccountable international trade lawyers with little to no process for appeal.

Say goodbye to due process of law. Draft texts of the proposal have appeared on Wikileaks and the website of Citizen's Trade Campaign. The EFF has an overview of the TPP."


Submission + - New Humanlike Monkey Is Only Second New Primate in 28 Years

derekmead writes: A new species of monkey has been described in the still-mysterious rainforests in the central of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Researchers said that it’s only the second new monkey species discovered in 28 years.

According to a paper published in PLoS One, the Lesula monkey (Cercopithecus lomamiensis) is a novel species of guenon monkeys, which are endemic to sub-Saharan Africa. Lesulas are medium-sized, slim monkeys with long arms and legs, and are notable for their surprisingly blond facial hair and incredibly human-like faces.

Prior surveys have shown that the region is incredibly biodiverse with respect to primate, with “11 species or distinctive subspecies of anthropoid primates” in the region. The discovery that lesulas are themselves a distinct species adds credence to the fact that the region is a primate hotspot, and the study authors note that the region needs an appropriate conservation strategy to protect that biodiversity.

Submission + - The 12 Most Dreaded Help Desk Requests (

snydeq writes: "'Working on an IT help desk can feel like an endless case of déjà vu. Let's face it: Computer users are damn predictable. If you've heard a problem once, you've heard it a thousand times before. Some things, though, have been said so many times that they've practically become help desk clichés — and the very sound of them is enough to make any IT pro want to smack his or her head with the nearest blunt object.'"

Comment Re:Tolkien, of course (Score 1) 726

Tolkien is good for kids, though by eight years old he may already be spoiled by television's constant action to thoroughly enjoy his works. Then again, the hobbit has songs and quite a bit of mostly family friendly action so thats still a good choice. I read Jurassic Park in first grade, but it took me all year and I was obscenely obsessed with dinosaurs, so I may already have been where you want your son to be.
I would also suggest books by Terry Pratchett -- namely The Wee Free Men, which is a great story from a child's point of view, is hilarious to read (even for you) and has two sequels that are very much in the same vein. The books are easily readable, and reasonably quick. (200 some pages)

Comment Re:Weather implications? (Score 1) 227

I know it doesn't vanish, but it can be relocated -- there's no promise that water taken from one area will be released in such a way that it rejoins the natural flow -- it could easily be locked up in some form, whether that be sewage or storage, or simply bottled and sent elsewhere. Depending on the water's use by whatever desert society is using it, it may never be released back into the system. Unlikely to have a major effect, I know, but I don't think anybody makes the argument that dams don't have an impact on how water flows in an environment. To me, that's what this is. A wind dam. Small now, but...

Comment Weather implications? (Score 1, Redundant) 227

Maybe this is the paranoid eco-terrorist hippy in me, but I wonder what kind of affect these things would have in already arid desert environments. I imagine that a field of a thousand of these things could seriously affect the local ecosystem, and perhaps the weather in neighboring areas. Though this would be good for Arrakis. Maybe Mars too actually. Now wouldn't that be something. Wouldn't even need to land near the poles to get a little H2O.

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