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Submission + - Right Story, Wrong Pic for Neda

arizwebfoot writes: In this article, "The Speed At Which Wrong Information Flows", comes a bit of interesting info. "If you've been following the news of the protests in Iran over the past few days, you've no doubt heard about the story of "Neda Soltani, who was shot and killed on video, and has become, as some news reports have noted, "the face of Iran's struggle." Not to get into the politics of it all, what is quite fascinating is the news that the photo that many individuals and news sources are using for Soltani isn't just of a different Neda Soltani, but it's due to confusion over how Facebook works (found via Mathew Ingram)

Submission + - Firewalls 1

arizwebfoot writes: Ok, so I've got this boss who is not a very knowledgeable guy when it comes to computers/software/etc., as he tends to listen to the least qualified person in the office. So we have 9 computers hooked up to a DSL, no firewall. I've been working on him for a couple of years now, how in the blazes do I convince him to let me put in a Linux box and protect his network. Fortunately, someone convinced him to put in a server with SCO on it, but without a firewall . . .

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