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Comment Re: Tell me that when SSI requires 63-70 to retire (Score 2) 192

I'd argue that working until you're dead was the standard 50 years ago. Social security was originally set right around when people were expected to die. Some lucky few got a couple years. Others died before they received a single check even though they were paying for it. I think the real question is, "how can we keep senior citizens productive members of society?" Obviously they can't be working construction, but something to allow them income past their prime. I got into programming partially because I could keep doing what I love until the end. Now I'm worried my assumption was wrong.

Comment big gubmint (Score 1) 531

"... who have recognized the significant risks associated with unfettered Internet access by youth, and have called upon the government and law enforcement to take aggressive action" sounds to me like "we can't trust the parents to watch their children's online activities." Which then would make it easier to put controls on adults' surfing as well. I thought republicans didn't want the government so deeply entrenched in our lives?

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