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Comment Re:deaf assholes (Score 1) 554

Which confuses me as to why that option wasn't used.

The claimants are deaf so sure they cant do it but I'd help a kickstarter that wanted to caption these videos.

Before, as I previously mentioned, they're assholes. The money used to sue them could've been spent transcribing large swathes of their video catalog. In their eyes, that money was better spent being assholes.

Comment Re:When will judges finally serve them giant fines (Score 1) 139

This company deserves to get fined for all it's worth for its rampant trampling of regulations, consumer protection laws, and poisonous work culture.

It boggles the mind that they're still attracting drivers and customers after so many years of being openly obnoxious.

They're still leaps and bounds better than the taxi companies, which is why they're still here. If you're not able to drive somewhere you want to go, you're probably not going to be thinking about their corporate culture. You're going to be more interested in: how much will it cost, and when will you get there? It's not like everyone refuses to buy clothes until all the sweatshops are closed. They need clothes. Don't care where they come from. Same with Uber.

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