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Comment Re:Thelema (Score 1) 539

Funny how people are quick to point out "the negative impacts that occur in some religious communities" without saying much about the positive. Some religious communities (it can be hard to separate the religion from the community) are clearly doing something right.

I can't find good current stats on household income by religion, but this 2009 survey breaks it down pretty well.

Hindus come out on top, as they have for some time now: evidence that the more gods you believe in, the more successful you are in life. Or maybe it's something to do with the number of pirates - the data is slim. In any case, religions are recipes for life, and some of them seem to still be pretty good recipes, much as /. would hate to consider such a thing.

If religion is a recipe for life then, in this analogy, all the world's religions involve animal products. I'm now a vegan. ;-)

While you're arguing that the number of gods and happiness per annum are related, I hope you are familiar with

Otherwise you'd have to accept as fact that the divorce rate in Maine is controlled by the per capita consumption of margarine. Worse yet, bedsheet deaths and ski profits are linked. Any argument against my position would also undermine your god(s)=Mo$$$ argument as well.

Please note: if you have any argument against mine, I appreciate the time you spend writing up a rebuttal. I would love the feedback as it either helps me go to your side, or refines my argument. Regardless, it helps me see your side better.

Comment Why I'm not surprised (Score 1) 156

Not much of a shocker. Cool that's there's more data. I know this much: we're all descended from tiny animals that survived some shitty days back in 65,000,000 BCE. The large fauna at that time were the non-avian dinosaurs. Now they're dead, Jim. The shitty environment killed a lot of the flora that the large herbivores ate, which starved the large carnivores that ate them, and then it's dead turtles almost all the way down from there. Luckily, at the bottom of the food change worms and other tiny things were able to survive. That was able to support our tiny ass ancestors, small birds, etc. Let us hope that we're all small enough next time shit goes down.

Comment Re: Tell me that when SSI requires 63-70 to retire (Score 2) 194

I'd argue that working until you're dead was the standard 50 years ago. Social security was originally set right around when people were expected to die. Some lucky few got a couple years. Others died before they received a single check even though they were paying for it. I think the real question is, "how can we keep senior citizens productive members of society?" Obviously they can't be working construction, but something to allow them income past their prime. I got into programming partially because I could keep doing what I love until the end. Now I'm worried my assumption was wrong.

Comment big gubmint (Score 1) 531

"... who have recognized the significant risks associated with unfettered Internet access by youth, and have called upon the government and law enforcement to take aggressive action" sounds to me like "we can't trust the parents to watch their children's online activities." Which then would make it easier to put controls on adults' surfing as well. I thought republicans didn't want the government so deeply entrenched in our lives?

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