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Submission + - Broadband, who says its broadband? (

Tiger4 writes: Columnist David Lazarus reports that the FCC is finally getting serious about measuring what you really get with a "broadband" service.

"The plan includes requiring Internet service providers to disclose average access speeds, rather than the current practice of promising speeds "up to" a certain rate. What many consumers now get "is often much less than the advertised peak speed," the FCC says.

The column goes on to say that the US currently ranks 18th among nations with broadband services. And apparently who does the measuring makes a big difference in what "they" say you have. He went to two sites recommended by the government and got 18mbit and 6mbit results. Other commercial sites varied even more, from 4mbit to 20mbit. The FCC is embarking on a 10 year plan to fix all this, but at the rate the internet changes, in 10 years it may not matter.

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