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Submission + - EU Agency Attempts Live Tracking of all Migrating Bird Flocks (birdmirationauthority.net)

An anonymous reader writes: In collaboration with Frontex and the European Commision, the EU Bird Migration Authority is proud to announce that the Persistent Avian Tracking System (PatSys) is now operational and is actively monitoring non-native bird migration across the borders of EU member states. The system is able to approximate flock population, country of origin, potential nesting ground(s), and species type, generating persistent updates and aiding the BMA in its efforts to monitor, mitigate, and relocate hostile non-native flocks.

Submission + - DIY Space Suit Testing (wired.com)

Kristian vonBengtson writes: Copenhagen Suborbitals is kicking ass with their DIY manned space program. This week the space suit branch of Copenhagen Suborbitals from the US is visiting and testing suits in capsules is being performed...

Submission + - Nanotech Dental Fillers Kill Bacteria and Regenerate Decayed Teeth

An anonymous reader writes: A team of bioengineers have created the first cavity-filling composite that destroys harmful bacteria and restores tooth enamel lost by decay.

Instead of just limiting tooth decay with conventional fillings, the new material, made with nanotechnology, controls destructive bacteria that co-exist in the natural colony of microbes in the mouth and to rebuild the tooth’s minerals, according to lead researcher Professor Huakun Xu from Maryland University School of Dentistry.

Submission + - GraphExeter for better solar cells. (edn.com)

slew writes: Transparent conducting films are a very important part of photoelectric cells and display panels like OLEDS. Unfortunatly, the currently best known material Indium Tin Oxide (aka ITO) is a rare and expensive and much better performing than it's cheaper subsitute (aluminium zinc oxide AZO). Carbon nanotubes thin-films have been considered, but are current limited by sheet resistance. A research group from University of Exeter has created a new Few-Layered graphene (FLG) w/Ferric Chloride "sandwich" which helps to limit the sheet resistance w/o affecting the transparency. If this type of material becomes practical, it could be a good replacement for ITO (which some say economical supplies will run out soon ~2017).

Submission + - Is Our Corner of Milky Way Missing Dark Matter? (sciencemag.org)

sciencehabit writes: If a new study is true, then the search for dark matter just got a lot weirder. Our little corner of the Milky Way contains no observable concentration of the mysterious stuff whose gravity binds the galaxy, claims one team of astronomers. That finding would present a major problem for models of how galaxies form and may undermine the whole notion of dark matter, the researchers claim.

Submission + - Europe agrees to send airline passenger data to US (computerworlduk.com) 1

Qedward writes: The European Parliament has approved the controversial data transfer agreement, the bilateral PNR (passenger name register), with the US which requires European airlines to pass on passenger information, including name, contact details, payment data, itinerary, email and phone numbers to the Department of Homeland Security.

Under the new agreement, PNR data will be "depersonalised" after six months and would be moved into a "dormant database" after five years. However the information would still be held for a further 15 years before being fully "anonymised".

The PNR data will be stored in the US's Automated Targeting System (ATS). ATS is used to improve the collection, use, analysis, and dissemination of information that is gathered for the primary purpose of targeting, identifying, and preventing potential terrorists and terrorist weapons from entering the US...

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