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Comment Re:Is the same true for the Nexus 4? (Score 1) 413

My main feeling on the business side of things is this: Pretty much everyone who isn't a coder in my business (and obviously that's a lot of PMs and the like) has an iPad. And ALL of them have one of those stylus things so they can take notes in meetings on it.

When it comes down to it business has a BIG need of a device like this with a DECENT pen interface on it. Yes it costs too much but all those guys who have an iPad and a stylus now really don't look at £1000 as much of a cost (because face it guys, we always get a direct $ -> £ butt-buggering over here).

Of course, the reported battery life is really the thing that could kill it but who knows. These guys are mostly contractors and just charge it back with no VAT in any case.

Comment Re:Check me if I wrong... (Score 1) 587

It didn't do basic functionality that a non-'smartphone' did, though. Like the whole copy paste thing or media messages. I also seem to recall it didn't do 3G data reception either.

It was behind on features normal Nokias and Sony-Ericssons everyone else owned already had. It's only because Apple has such an incredible following that the iPhone did as well as it did in the 1.0 form. Friends from Japan said it didn't really sell over there because of this lack. I seem to recall it wasn't until the 3GS that all features I had on my existing SE phone had been replicated on it.

Windows Phone benefitted from the same sort of thing, I'd say, but here it was business only trusting Microsoft things. Way before the iPhone was a glint in the eye everyone in my work had those HTC windows phone devices with the slide out keyboard and stylus. They weren't touch phones but they did everything an iPhone did.

The iPhone 4 was definitely a peak in the smartphone market. Incredible battery life, great screen, etc. Ahead of the competition for sure.

Comment Re:Is that so? (Score 1) 131

Certainly, I'm not suggesting it's logical for me to feel that way. But it's just how I am. With music I am more open than I was 10-15 years ago and I think it's all about how much time I have: I can stream music for free (legally) all day at work so I have a lot more time to check it out for myself, but I only get a few hours a day to spend watching films and reading. This means I don't really have time to risk watching a film rated 5 (unless clearly there is a personal rec, etc.) when I could be sifting through those 7-10s for something I might really love.

Comment But it's all subjective anyway. (Score 3, Interesting) 131

Personally I think anything less than 7 out of 10 isn't worth my while bothering with. That's me and about time I have. Friends of mine, however, would give a film a 5 out of 10 and say it's still decent enough to stick on one night when you want something to watch. Even if Metacritic was exactly showing a score that we agreed was 'accurate' it wouldn't really matter. Aggregation of this sort is as good as doing it by eye yourself, surely?

Comment Re:What, people use it to stream lo-quality music? (Score 1) 173

Replies to ACs don't mean much but I was being somewhat tongue-in-cheek with my point about how good my taste is. Everyone's taste is good to them but I think it takes a certain sort of willy-waving belief in your own taste to make you want to gather vast statistics on it. Clearly I have that belief.

Comment Re:Out of interest... (Score 1) 246

*yawn* Google is simply an aggregator. I said 'good' and by that I meant by implication 'trustworthy', which isn't something I can readily tell from the stuff I read in Google, though the majority of it cites between 89% and 99% illegal, leaving the sort of "THIS IS AN OUTRAGE TO LEGITIMATE USERS" posturing look a little silly from the Torrent sites... if it's remotely accurate.

Now I could spend hours looking for that information but equally someone MAY have that to hand right off the bat. Your answer is akin to suggesting I should just try to code a perfect MP3 player rather than question if anyone has links to ones that might fulfil my criteria already.

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