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Submission + - Trump team communications intercepted w/o foreigners in conversation (cnn.com)

bongey writes: The intelligence community is coming clean. Telling congress there was "incidental collection" of the Trump transition team from Nov-2016-Jan-2017. The intercepts included reports of communications between Trump team members, with team members being unmasked that were wildly disseminated throughout the intelligence community. The intercepts had little to no foreign intelligence value, and the intercepts had nothing to do with Russian investigation.

Submission + - SpaceX disapointed in lack of NASA Mars funding & looks for own landing site

frank249 writes: Elon Musk says that NASA legislation 'changes almost nothing about what NASA is doing. Existing programs stay in place and there is no added funding for Mars,' Musk is absolutely correct on two counts. First, an "authorization" bill does not provide funding. That comes from appropriations committees. Secondly, while Congress has been interested in building rockets and spacecraft, it is far less interested in investing in the kinds of technology and research that would actually enable a full-fledged Mars exploration program.

In other news, Spacenews reports that SpaceX has been working with NASA to identify potential landing sites on Mars for both its Red Dragon spacecraft starting in 2020 and future human missions. SpaceX, working with scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and elsewhere, had identified several potential landing sites, including one that looks particularly promising — Arcadia Planitia. Those landing sites are of particular interest, he said, for SpaceX’s long-term vision of establishing a human settlement on Mars, but he said the company wouldn’t rule our sending Red Dragon spacecraft elsewhere on the planet to serve other customers. “We’re quite open to making use of this platform to take various payloads to other locations as well,” he said. “We’re really looking to turn this into a steady cadence, where we’re sending Dragons to Mars on basically every opportunity.” The Red Dragon spacecraft, he said, could carry about one ton of useful payload to Mars, with options for those payloads to remain in the capsule after landing or be deployed on the surface. “SpaceX is a transportation company,” he said. “We transport cargo to the space station, we deliver payloads to orbit, so we’re very happy to deliver payloads to Mars.” Fans of the book/movie "The Martian" would be happy if SpaceX does select Arcadia Planitia for their first landing site as that was the landing site of the Ares 3.

Submission + - A 21st Century Version Of OS/2 Warp Appears To Be About To Be Released (arcanoae.com)

dryriver writes: A company named Arca Noae is working on a new release of the X86 OS/2 operating system code named "Blue Lion" and likely called ArcaOS 5 in its final release. Blue Lion wants to be a modern 21st Century OS/2 Warp, with support for the latest hardware and networking standards, a modern accelerated graphics driver, support for new cryptographic security standards, full backward compatibility with legacy OS/2, DOS and Windows 3.1 applications, suitability for use in mission-critical applications, and also, it appears, the ability to run "ported Linux applications". Blue Lion, which appears to be in closed Beta with March 31st 2017 cited as the target release date, will come with up to date Firefox browser and Thunderbird mail client, Apache OpenOffice, other productivity tools, a new package manager, and software update and support subscription to ensure system stability. It is unclear from the information provided whether Blue Lion will be able to run modern Windows applications.

Submission + - Hackers threaten to wipe millions of Apple devices, demand ransom (csoonline.com)

Copy that 2 writes: A group of hackers is threatening to wipe data from millions of Apple devices in two weeks if the company doesn’t pay them US$150,000. The group, which calls itself Turkish Crime Family, claims to have login credentials for more than 627 million icloud.com, me.com and mac.com email addresses. These are email domains that Apple has allowed for users creating iCloud accounts over the years.

Comment Story Time! (Score 1) 262

I interact with a piece of code I don't maintain that has this issue. A piece of Visual Basic (don't get me started) that copies from a source to a destination. However instead of using B=A to move the data, the author used copy(A) and paste(B). The data therefore interacts with the clipboard, slowing the process down.

The issue might not be noticeable on a small amount of data. However, I use this piece of code to move gigabytes of data every day.

Submission + - John Goodenough responds to skeptics of his new lithium-on battery (computerworld.com)

Lucas123 writes: John Goodenough, the University of Texas researcher who this week demonstrated new battery cells that are safer and have at least three times as much energy density as today's standard Li-on batteries, responded to skeptics who said the technology described in research published in a peer-reviewed journal, appear to defy the laws of thermodynamics. In an article published Monday by Quartz , various energy experts took exception to Goodenough's claims, even calling them "unbelievable." Goodenough is also co-inventor of the original lithium-ion battery. In an email to Computerworld, Goodenough said "any new discovery invites strong skepticism." In this case, the skeptical scientists wondered how it is possible to strip lithium from the anode and plate it on a cathode current collector to obtain a battery voltage since the voltage is the difference in the chemical potentials (Fermi energies) between the two metallic electrodes,. "The answer is that if the lithium plated on the cathode current collector is thin enough for its reaction with the current collector to have its Fermi energy lowered to that of the current collector, the Fermi energy of the lithium anode is higher than that of the thin lithium plated on the cathode current collector," Goodenough said.

Submission + - Trump Adds To NASA Budget, Approves Crewed Mission To Mars (nbcnews.com)

An anonymous reader writes: President Donald Trump signed a law on Tuesday authorizing funding for a crewed NASA mission to Mars. The new bill (S.442) adds a crewed mission to the red planet as a key NASA objective and authorizes the space agency to direct test human space flight programs that will enable more crewed exploration in deep space. The space agency has $19.5 billion in funding for the 2018 fiscal year, which starts this October. Trump had allocated $19.1 billion for NASA in his budget, which is slightly down from the current year, but still an improvement from the past decade, which saw the end of the space shuttle program. The commander in chief signed the bill surrounded by astronauts and his former Republican rivals, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, who both sponsored the bill. Getting to Mars, though, isn't expected to happen during the Trump presidency. NASA has its sights set on getting to the red planet in the 2030s. In the near term, NASA plans to test its Orion spacecraft and Space Launch System rocket, in addition to visiting an asteroid and redirecting a chunk of it into orbit around the moon. Astronauts could later visit the boulder and use the mission to test some of the tools needed for a Mars mission.

Comment Re:Pay your taxes (Score 1) 270

Bitcoin rising in value isn't inflation of a currency, it's the market attempting to price the future value of an asset, same as with a stock.

Inflation is an increase in the amount of currency required to purchase an assets on average. If you consider bitcoin to be a currency, (technically anything can be) then bitcoin is undergoing deflation since it takes fewer bitcoins to buy an asset on average.

In a broader sense, stop considering things assets or currency. Any asset can be a currency and vice versa. What matters is that item's value compared to everything else.

Comment Re:Possibly not the cause you think it is (Score 1) 374

2) Individuals make choices that influence their earnings. Women as a group tend to make choices that lessen their earnings.

Why do they make the choices? Have they been influenced to do so?

There is no systemic segregation here.

You seem to be suggesting there is no forced segregation. E.g. there is segregation, but by the women's choice. However, you stated above that women as a group make choices that lessen their earnings. That is still systemic segregation by definition.

The cause of segregation does not change the fact that there is segregation.

Comment Re: Generic engineers? Really? (Score 1) 196

This is the case of unreasonable expectations. Just look at the list : "fundamentals of networking, computing, and coding" from "acoustic consulting engineering firm, consisting of a mix of mechanical, electrical, civil ". Does he also expect them to write thier own compiler, all while willing to accept $50K starting salary?

I am a mechanical engineer by trade and training. These are not unreasonable expectations. Today, all engineers are taught the basics of computing and coding in school. Right now I think most schools teach Python, I was taught MATLAB, and the generation before me Fortran. It sounds like some of these new hires blew off those classes since they weren't in their "core discipline".

Networking is a bit of a stretch though. Most new engineering grads only know enough to communicate with other disciplines, and networking is a bit beyond that.

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