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Submission + - Wikileaks wins! (

N3wsByt3 writes: "As I already pointed out in my blog, big news has just come in: a certain naughty Swiss bank has dropped all charges towards a certain whistleblowing site. Well, we all know the story, and yes, it ends well, thus: "A Swiss bank that successfully sued to yank the domain name, and then faced a severe setback in a subsequent court ruling, has given up for now. Bank Julius Baer filed a brief note with a court in San Francisco Wednesday saying it would voluntarily dismiss its own case, while reserving the right to file it again in the future or pursue it "in an alternate court, jurisdiction, or venue.""

Oh, yes, by all means, pursue us further! I'm sure the additional media-attention will be welcomed! Unless they're really stupid, I think we won't hear from them again. At least, not in regard with free speech, though some case of money-laundering is always possible..."

Feed Schneier: Kids and Lying (

How kids learn to lie. (Maybe it's a bit off the security topic, but with all my reading on the psychology of security, I don't think so.) So when do the 98 percent who think lying is wrong become the...

Submission + - Microsoft Slashes Vista Prices (

morgan_greywolf writes: "Microsoft just cut prices on some of the various versions of Windows Vista, including dropping the suggested retail price of Vista Premium for $399 to $319 according to ZDNet's Adrian Kingsley-Hughes. Hughes says:

Good news for those looking to upgrade now SP1 is on the horizon. But if you read between the lines here, you'll notice something interesting going on. First off, notice no price drop for Vista Home Basic. The Tiny Tim version of Vista just got even less appealing for upgraders now that Home Premium is cheaper. Also, no price drop for the full retail version of Home Premium — maybe Microsoft is trying to make Ultimate more appealing.
Could this be further signs of Microsoft acknowledging that Vista has flopped?"


Submission + - Embedded Linux competitor for Kindle (

WalkingBear writes: "With all the talk of the Kindle, I'm surprised to have never seen one of the more interesting entries in the e-book reader melee.

The guys over at Bookeen have an embedded linux based e-paper book reader on the market for about what the Kindle costs. Looks like a nice unit and, as noted, runs linux.

The specs look interesting as does the OS and Software support.

If you're going to spend $400 or so on a reader, at least spend it on an open platform."

The Courts

Submission + - Verizon Being Sued for GPL Infringement (

darthcamaro writes: Guess who is infringing on open source code now? According to the SFLC it's none other than Verizon. They filed a law suit in New York yesterday. Today the SFLC spoke to the media to lay out its case.
From the article:
"We sent initial communications to Verizon three weeks ago," SFLC Legal Director Dan Ravicher told "They never responded. Thus, there are no negotiations underway with them. That is what forced us to file the lawsuit, because it was our only last option to get Verizon to address our clients' concerns." The SFLC is seeking an injunction against Verizon as well as damages. At this early stage, the SFLC had not yet put a figure on the amount it's seeking.

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