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Journal Journal: Dude, where's my comments? 4

Posted a few comments on this Ask Slashdot article yesterday. Come back, and they've disappeared. They've not been deleted - I can still access them, from the recent comments area of my profile - and they've not been downmodded either. Not a Beta issue, as I'm not currently on it.


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Journal Journal: When Did 'Beta' Become A Dirty Word On /. ? 5

Just spotted that people are stuffing comments into various stories here for the sole purpose of complaining about the /. Beta.

Maybe it's because I only occasionally visit here, but are people really that hung up on the current design?

Hell, I can remember when /. didn't even bother with any testing, period, just shoved changes straight onto the production servers. Fun times. (Not)

Having looked at the Beta, it seems to me a damn sight cleaner that some news sites I can think of*. Ok, the comment view controls could use some refining, but that's the whole point of beta-testing, right?

(*I still have nightmares about pre-2000s ZDNet. Makes the current design look almost pleasant by comparison.)

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Journal Journal: THE END 8

Although I stopped posting stuff here ages ago, I've had the My Amigos feed in Google Reader, and have occasionally wandered in to have a look.

But now I've decided to cut my ties here permanently. So as soon as I've posted this, I'm unsubscribing My Amigos. I've already updated my User Info with how to contact me.

To those few of you who still post here, thanks for the fun times. It's nothing personal, I just need to cut down the amount of time I spend on social networks generally.

-MT. signing off.

The Matrix

Journal Journal: MT has left the building... 3

In view of the fact that I hardly come here any more, plus the fact that TPTB here seem intent on fscking up the UI even further :| I've decided to call it a day here.

You can follow my antics over at deviantART or Multiply (sorry, Jorg), or add me on Facebook.

Alternatively, you music lovers can check me on, whilst most of my linkage is over on StumbleUpon.

It was fun back in the day, when I had more time to spare, but now... *shrug*

Au revoir!


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Journal Journal: Medic 2

I'm going to paramedic school. I'm being serious, too. I really am going to paramedic school. So about 14 months from now, the good people of a particular medium- to large-sized city will have the incredible joy of seeing me pump their veins full of fluids and odd elixers, then taking them to the hospital.

It could be a city near you! Eat hearty portions this holiday! Lots of egg nog and gristle! Have another three or five tom and jerry's drinks. 1000s of lucky winners each day!

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Journal Journal: The U.S. Should Retain Control of the Internet IP/Name Space

Numerous people outside the U.S. are demanding that control of the IP address space and name space on the Internet be turned over to some international body. The arguments are just being recycled ad-nauseum at this point and none of them stands up to scrutiny. Let's examine the most common ones with analogies for clarity:

1. 'The way that the U.S. doles out IP addresses and top-level-domains is unfair.'

It may be unfair, but that doesn't have anything to do with whether the U.S. has the legal and moral right to control TLDs and IP addresses.

Analogy: The Red Cross might feel that it's unfair that you give more money to Greenpeace than to them, but that doesn't mean that there should be some committee deciding how much of your money will go to each charity and how much you will get to keep. If the U.S. wants to reserve 10 IP addresses for each man, woman, and child in the U.S., that's their call.

2. 'Much of the modern Internet technology was developed in other countries, including HTTP (the World Wide Web).'

That's nice, but it doesn't mean that the country where it was developed automatically gets to assume shared control of the name space and IP addresses.

Analogy: If you were invited to stay at someone's home, the fact that you voluntarily planted a garden, furnished the living room, and hung paintings does not mean that you get to form a committee and decide who gets which bedroom.

3. 'This is like Britain trying to control the world's steel industry because Britain invented steel.'

Except that the U.S. is not trying to control your computer industry. The U.S. is just dictating the terms by which a computer can be attached to a network that was invented by Americans at American taxpayer expense. The U.S. is deciding how to apportion IP addresses and namespace.

4. 'It's vital to the infrastructure and financial security of many countries.'

Then it sounds like those countries made a mistake in relying on a U.S.-run network for something that important.

Analogy: That's like me demanding that I be given managerial powers at my cable modem provider because the service has become so important to me.

5. 'The Internet has grown massively through the addition of non-U.S. computers, networks, web sites, services, etc. Much of the growth has been through foreign investment.'

On the other hand, the Internet has fueled the growth of countless non-U.S. businesses. Does that mean that the U.S. should get a say in how those businesses are run? No? Then why should the countries in which those businesses are located get a say in how the Internet's IP addresses and TLDs are doled out?

Analogy: International airlines have been taking off and landing at London's Heathrow airport for decades, funding much of its operation, growth, and expansion. Given that, should the English support a U.N. takeover of Heathrow airport? Should the U.N., rather than England, decide whether a block of gates was assigned to Air France or British Airways? In time of war, would the English rather be able to deny their enemies access to Heathrow airport, or would they rather that the U.N. decided if the enemy planes could land there?

6. 'Then the U.S. should pay us for the invention of {insert one or more: steel, steam engines, the world wide web, computers, light bulbs, etc.).'

Why? The U.S. isn't charging you for the use of Internet protocols, hardware standards, or concepts. In fact, through our generousity, organizations all over the world have set up standalone networks based on U.S.-developed Internet standards. We're not even charging you royalties for the use of the Internet.

In conclusion, if it's important to you to have a U.N.-controlled version of the Internet, you are free to set one up. You can even base it on the same standards as the Internet without paying the U.S. any royalties or fees of any kind. That is a generous offer and more than fair.

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Journal Journal: Meth 3

This post raises a few curious questions. Since you fuckers are lazy, I presume, I will cut and paste it here to save a few clicks. Jesus you people are slothful bitches.

I wonder, if crack was legalized, would we be having a simular discussion over how best to prepare it? (not saying any of you here would do crack, just that if it was socially acceptable and all that)

Well, my man, I will tell you the answer is yes. In the case of meth, there are a variety of ways its manufactured. The hardcore fiends, I'm talking about the toothless fucking junkies, all have their own particular flavor they like. There's more flavors to this shit than Baskin' Fucking Robbins. The count I heard was 48. It's just like coffee. Generally, just like coffee, there are some flavors that most snobs like. In the case of meth junkies, they like the stuff made from lithium batteries.

I asked one junkie why he was so fond of the lithium battery method. In all honesty, consuming anything that has a principal ingredient of a battery seems like some seriously flawed fucking paradigm, but not to the toothless cunt he was.

"It's smooth, man. Like the other shit [method unknown] just burns your throat like you snorted fire. This shit is a lot smoother and it don't burn as much."

So, there you have it.

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Journal Journal: Moderation as a Weapon

When I checked Slashdot today, I discovered that my five most recent postings had all been modded down by one point (overrated). These were postings in three separate threads on different subjects. Two of the postings had been modded up shortly after they were made.

It is pathetic when someone is so small-minded that they abuse the Slashdot moderation system just to "get even" with, or play a practical joke on, another user. If you're not bright enough to debate on Slashdot, then go back to your AOL chat rooms and leave Slashdot to the grown-ups.

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Journal Journal: BOO! 4

Haha, made you jump! :D

I'll post a proper JE this weekend, promise!


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Journal Journal: Hello, Circle. Miss me much? 9

It's been a while since I posted something here. Guess my /. craving is subsiding now that I've got the My Amigos and /. feeds plugged into my Bloglines. Been posting (and recycling) stuff to my website instead of late, as well as trying to catch up a bit with goings-on over at DeviantArt.

I've also set up a LiveJournal ID, mainly so that I can follow and reply to stuff that my LJ-using Amigos write there (hi to Leo, SW and Interrobang!) You can probably guess my username. :)

Some good news at work, the MD's wallet has opened. We've got a new CD duplicator tower, plus replacement drives for two of our existing towers, so we should have much more throughput now for those big orders. Hopefully, this means that a move on the new server box I was helping to spec before Christmas might actually be happening sometime soon. Hey, they might even give me a payrise, at this rate (I can hope!)

Just put in an order at Hard-To-Find Records for a cheap record deck with pre-amp that I can plug directly into my PC, to rip vinyl and make MP3s from them. I might have a nosey and see if I can rip some of my Dad's old jazz collection while I'm at it...

No snow yet. :(



Journal Journal: Weblog comment spam hitting new low 10

Just spotted a huge build-up of comment spam over at my website, all of it sex-related. I've added a few extra choice phrases to WordPress's blocking list, and instructed WPBlacklist to start harvesting IPs and URLs as it goes. It may risk poisoning the blacklist file again, but that's a chance I'll have to take. Just a heads-up to anyone else who has a weblog, to check in case you've been hit as well. Seems to have started very recently, so you might still be able to stem the tide before it gets out of control.

First Person Shooters (Games)

Journal Journal: HL2 First Impressions 11

I fired up Half-Life 2 last night and got stuck in for about three hours. First impression weren't brilliant - it took a while to load up, but I suspect that may have been it detecting my sound and video cards and adjusting settings. The opening screen, with the view across the square, made up for the wait. I was playing at 1024x768 (will have a go at 1280x1024 tonight to see how that fares) and the views are awesome!

Lots of familiar faces show up during the game - the G-Man, Barney, Dr Vance and his daughter Alyx - as well as a lot of the aliens from the original Half-Life, although some have changed a bit in the interim (talking Alien Slave!)

It's a long wait before you get to put on the HEV suit, and you have to run for it at one point, but once you get there it,s like a family reunion (complete with 'pet' headcrab to muck things up!)

The scripted stuff with the citizens and the Combine soldiers is pretty good, and really makes you want to press on and find out what the heck is going on in City 17.

I've managed to get to the point where you get to take the skimmer for a ride down the river - this is quite a departure from the original Half-Life, and takes a lot of getting used to, particularly where steering and braking are concerned.

Only downsides so far have been the long delays between levels, and occasional stuttering sound in some parts of the game. But overall, I'm really enjoying this game.

You'll probably not be surprised to learn that my ID on Steam is 'MonTemplar'... :)

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