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Feed Science Daily: What Is The Link Between Women's Hormones And Mood Disorders? (sciencedaily.com)

Women's health experts argue there is an urgent need for carefully designed, gender-specific research to better understand the relationship of female sex hormones to mood states and disorders. Estrogen can be used to treat various mood disturbances in women -- such as perimenopausal, postmenopausal and postpartum depression -- but the results of these treatments can be difficult to interpret because researchers are only beginning to recognize the complex interactions among estrogens, serotonin and mood.

Submission + - Nissan Fuga comes with innovative driver aid tech

Yogesh writes: "The Nissan Fuga will be the first vehicle in the world to boast Distance Control Assist and navigation-enabled Intelligent Cruise Control systems. The Distance Control Assist system determines the following distance of the driver's vehicle, as well as the relative speed of both vehicles, using a radar sensor installed in the front bumper. When a vehicle approaches close to the vehicle ahead and the accelerator is not engaged, the system activates the brakes to decelerate smoothly."

Submission + - Leveraging Firefox to Expand the Reach of OpenID (idealog.us)

Idealog writes: "With more than 450 million Firefox downloads, the Mozilla Corporation could accelerate support for OpenID if it began to offer OpenID accounts to every Firefox user via Firefox.com. While many security advocates complain that OpenID creates a single point of failure, creating passwords (or reusing them) at multiple Web site can lead to other problems. This primer on OpenID suggests adding awareness for a directory of trusted OpenID providers to all Web browsers (and indicating such with something similar to but larger than the https icon) and allowing account holders to associate a personal photo with their provider login page to thwart phishing attacks."

Feed Science Daily: Software Help Mars Rovers Find Winter Havens (sciencedaily.com)

New software is helping NASA find safe places for the Spirit rover to ride out future Martian winters -- and also plan where Spirit and its companion rover, Opportunity, will explore in the future. The steep Martian mesa dubbed "Von Braun" would be a safe haven, the software and data analysis determined -- but the path that Spirit would have to follow to get there is a little too risky to travel with winter on the way.

Feed Science Daily: Fuel Cells Help Make Noisy, Hot Generators A Thing Of The Past (sciencedaily.com)

Advances in fuel desulfurization and reforming lead to a successful demonstration of a portable fuel cell system using JP-8 military jet fuel. Portable fuel cell power units are quieter, more efficient and have lower emissions than standard diesel generators, but are challenged when used with JP-8 fuel because of its sulfur content. The fuel desulfurization and reforming systems developed at PNNL reduce the sulfur content of JP-8 and generate a hydrogen stream compatible with an integrated fuel cell.

Submission + - Big comparision of Windows Metafille support

shardam writes: "sK1 Team released comparision report on WMF support in 14 proprietary and FOSS applications. Quote from this report: "Free Software projects are already in good shape with regards to WMF compatibility. Remaining issues are quickly addressed. Unfortunately, it is not amusing anymore that actually usable documentation for MS-originated file format is provided by Free Software developers. And the history is repeating itself with ECMA-376.""

Feed Science Daily: Parents Blind To Children's Risk Taking & Skilled Risk Management (sciencedaily.com)

Parents are often totally unaware of just how often their children take risks and just how good they are at managing that risk. Researchers found children indulge in a great deal of thoughtful and considered risk taking that is invisible to adults. On average the researchers found that while children may make misjudgments, they do not, as is sometimes assumed, 'blindly' throw themselves into risk-taking behaviors.

Feed Science Daily: Ancient Flood Disrupts Ocean Circulation And Triggers Climate Cooling (sciencedaily.com)

As the giant North American ice sheets melted an enormous pool of freshwater, many times larger than all of the Great Lakes, formed behind them. About 8400 years ago this pool of freshwater burst free and flooded the North Atlantic. About the same time, a sharp century long cold spell is observed around the North Atlantic and other areas. Researchers have often speculated that the cooling was the result of changes in ocean circulation triggered by this freshwater flood. The sudden addition of so much freshwater would have curtailed (suppressed) the sinking of deep water in the North Atlantic and as a consequence less warm water would be pulled north in the Gulf stream.

Feed Science Daily: Huge Success With Directly Loaded Implants In The Mouth (sciencedaily.com)

In the near future toothless patients will no longer have to wait several months for ordinary titanium implants to heal. Nearly every one of 450 patients who had bridges anchored in their implants had immediate success. Most patients who have titanium implants in their mouth have to wait between four and seven months before the implant is considered stable enough for crowns or bridges to be secured in the screw.

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