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Submission + - XBMC released for Apple TV2, iPhone 4, iPad ( 1

philj writes: The XBMC team is proud to present our first ARM-based release, and it’s a big one. Scott Davilla, with the help of several other developers and testers, is finally ready to pull the curtain off of his fun little secret.

You know that $99 tiny form-factor powerhouse that would be just perfect if it could only run XBMC? Now it can.
Or how about that iPad that is just begging to be used as a real portable media center? Now it can.
And while we’re at it, put your iPhone4 to work using XBMC as well. Why? Because we can.

These are not initial ports, and they are not early development snapshots. Here they are: full XBMC installs and source code, ready for consumption.

Feed Engadget: XBMC 9.11 'Camelot' now available for download, huge changelog in tow (

Frankly, we haven't heard much noise coming from the XBMC camp in quite some time. All that changes today, as the project has just launched its latest major update in v9.11. The so-called Camelot build is now available for download on Windows, OS X and Linux, with the most notable changes including a revamped user interface, DirectX support by default in Windows, a "complete reorganization of the settings menus, automatic video information extraction, and smoother video playback." You'll also find updated scrapers, expanded remote control support and updated codecs. Tap that source link for the download and condensed changelog -- though, we should caution you that the live installer seems to be causing issues for some, so try and stay positive, okay?

XBMC 9.11 'Camelot' now available for download, huge changelog in tow originally appeared on Engadget on Sat, 26 Dec 2009 11:19:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Submission + - XBMC 9.04 'Babylon' Released

Pvt_Ryan writes: XBMC 9.04 'Babylon' was released today.

Among the many new features in XBMC 9.04:
  • PPC (PowerPC) support for Mac OS X,
  • VDPAU (NVIDIA GPU Hardware Accelerated Video Decoding for Linux),
  • updated Codecs,
  • new Karaoke features,
  • more Media Info Scrapers,
  • improved FanArt support,
  • enhancements to the XBMC Skinning Framework making it even more flexible and powerful.

For the full list of what is new in this version of XBMC please see the 9.04 milestone on trac.


Submission + - XBMC Babylon 9.04 includes VDPAU support (

An anonymous reader writes: The latest stable release of the cross platform media center, XBMC, includes support for VDPAU acceleration in Linux, allowing it to take advantage of GPU assisting decoding for video. The release also adds PPC support on Mac OS X, for old timers, and host of other improvements including new Karakoe features, enhancements to the skinning engine (a showcase of which can be seen in this video of the Aeon Stark skin), support for more codecs, etc. It's now available for grabs here.

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