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Submission + - The Ultimate Lock Picker (

TheUnFounded writes: "Marc Weber Tobias can pick, crack, or bump any lock. Now he wants to teach the world how to break into military facilities and corporate headquarters. But Tobias isn't crazy. Far from it. He's a professional lock breaker, a man obsessively--perhaps compulsively--dedicated to cracking physical security systems. He doesn't play games, he rarely sees movies, he doesn't attend to plants or pets or, currently, a girlfriend. Tobias hacks locks. Then he teaches the public how to hack them, too."
The Courts

Submission + - Universal can be sued for DMCA abuse

UnknowingFool writes: California Judge Jeremy Fogel has ruled that the Universal Music can be sued for filing an improper DMCA takedown notice. The story began in Feb. 2007 when Stephanie Lenz posted a 29 second Youtube video of her toddler laughing and dancing to Prince's "Let's Go Crazy" (heard somewhat indistinctly in the background). Universal sent a DMCA takedown notice four months later to Youtube which complied. Mrs. Lenz then filed a lawsuit with the Electronic Frontier Foundation for DMCA abuse as the video was an obvious example of Fair Use and Universal should have known it. Incidentally the DMCA provides a provision for lawsuits against DMCA abuse. Among the rejected arguments that Universal made why the lawsuit should be dismissed:
  • Fair Use is not a sufficient defense in copyright infringement
  • The DMCA does not require a copyright holder to determine if alleged material falls under Fair Use
  • There is no "self-evident" Fair Use.
  • It could not have been Fair Use as a video showing a toddler dancing would undermine the market of videos showing toddlers dancing.
  • It was not a DMCA notice as it had a disclaimer saying it wasn't a DMCA notice. (Although it followed the procedure of a DMCA takedown and was sent to the DMCA takedown email address at Youtube.)

One of the things the Universal admitted to ABC News:

Prince believes it is wrong for YouTube, or any other user-generated site, to appropriate his music without his consent. That position has nothing to do with any particular video that uses his songs. It's simply a matter of principle. And legally, he has the right to have his music removed. We support him and this important principle. That's why, over the last few months, we have asked YouTube to remove thousands of different videos that use Prince music without his permission


Submission + - Black Friday crowds spend an estimated $20 billion (

dexr0420 writes: NEW YORK ( — Worried retailers and mall operators breathed a sigh of relief after the 2007 holiday shopping marathon off to a robust start Friday. According to the first early sales estimate, MasterCard Advisors retail analyst Michael McNamara expects Black Friday sales to hit $20 billion. MasterCard Advisors tracks spending made on credit and debit cards as well as cash and check transactions.

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