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Comment Re:Has this even been used once? (Score 1) 552

Not only has the cellular text technology not been used, but no president has ever used the current Emergency Action Notification (EAN) of the EAS system or its technical predecessors (going back to 1951 with CONRAD).

Then again, we have never had global thermonuclear war...

Comment Re:Impressive (Score 1) 176

I'm amazed but glad that it's actually begun to operate.

How did they get the people who farmed the 2500 acres of land there to move out? That is the biggest problem setting up a large factory in India, the land rights are questionable.

Oh I Googled that for myself: Adani seeks to gag its lawyer after he claims 'violations', "In an unusual move, the Gujarat-based Adani Group of Companies has filed a petition in the Madras High Court seeking to gag its own lawyer after he allegedly threatened to expose "major violations", and name those involved in the purchase and funding of 1,800 acres of land for its solar power project in Tamil Nadu."

BTW Nat Geo video here of the Kamuthi solar plant.

Comment Re:The "Mil-Lean-eum" Tower (Score 1) 241

But there's only one way to go without destroying all that is good about SF (its parks) and that is up.

Up, but not that far up - Paris, for example, has a far higher population density than San Francisco, but has very few very tall apartment buildings. Paris does not have the nutty 40 foot height limit that most of SF has, instead the limits in Paris have been 121 feet (but were just raised to 164 feet).

If you would like to see examples of very livable and park-filled concepts for 100,000 person per square mile density in SF (five times what it is today), see What would 100,000 people per square mile look like?.

Comment Re:Not worried (Score 1) 93

I think the Space Shuttle was nothing more than a contractor boondoggle from the start.

The Shuttle also had a problem of having to meet both military and civilian requirements. The NRO required the Shuttle payload bay to be larger than needed by civilian payloads, and they wanted the option to fly "once around" polar orbit missions which required greater flexibility for maneuvering the landing, which dramatically increased the size of the delta wing.

Comment Prices are important (Score 1) 304

In a system in which the knowledge of the relevant facts is dispersed among many people, prices act to efficiently coordinate the separate actions of different people.

Prices are important information in the economic calculus.

If a government sets price floors or ceilings, it damages the price system, and leads to shortages or gluts.

If you think poor people need money, then redistribute money to them via taxes. But don't break the price system, because when you do, you reduce the size of the entire economy through inefficiencies.

Comment Re:new ghost town in Cupertino? (Score 1) 471

"Cupertino-based Apple now has about 25,000 employees in the Santa Clara Valley, but a series of long-term leases and building and land acquisitions over the past four years, including its new under-construction "spaceship" campus for as many as 13,000 workers, would allow the company to nearly double that workforce in the coming years." source.

Yes, Apple gets the majority of its revenues from outside the US, but still most design & software development is done in the US.

Comment Re:The U.S. cannot be service-based (Score 3, Interesting) 471

A service based economy cannot survive in the long run. You must create/produce something of value.

Fortunately, US manufacturing output is at an all-time high. The value added by U.S. factories is more than $2 trillion a year, equal to the next three countries (Japan, Germany and South Korea) combined.

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