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Comment Re:Link to the paper (Score 2) 228

Key quote:

"The overpotential (which might be lowered with the proper electrolyte, and by separating the hydrogen production to another catalyst) probably precludes economic viability for this catalyst, but the high selectivity for a 12-electron reaction suggests that nanostructured surfaces with multiple reactive sites in close proximity can yield novel reaction mechanisms."

Comment Look at the historical data (Score 3, Interesting) 403

From Work and Leisure in the U.S. and Europe: Why So Different?, hours worked by Europeans and Americans were about the same in the 1960's, although the number of hours were dropping for all every year. In about 1980, the US and Europe diverged, with hours continuing to drop in Europe, but the US plateauing.

Two reasons have been explored. The first is due to tax differences, and indeed labor taxes have been rising in the EU since the end of the 1960's. The other is differences in labor regulations, such as the requirement for contracts, limitations in legal working hours (such as the 35 hour workweek established in 2000 in France).

Comment Turkey coup (Score 1) 75

I spent some time watching the coup in Turkey on Periscope. In one feed, a bunch of pro-government forces were outside of the army barracks in Ankara, they were moving in, and one guy got shot and had to be pulled to safety (not sure if he made it). In another feed, tanks were guarding the bridges over the Bosphorus Bridge, and a tank fired a round into a armored personnel carrier. Scary stuff!

Comment Re:Why unemployment rates look good (Score 1) 50

The sad thing is, despite our bad full-time employement statistics, we're still doing better than most of the developed world with full-time and part-time employment figures.

This is important to remember. In terms of economic growth and unemployment, the US is doing better than almost any advanced economy. We could do better, but the examples of Europe show how it could be far worse. For example, Spain has a 45% youth unemployment rate (it was worse, 56%, before labor market reforms). US youth unemployment is 9.9%.

Could the US do better? Yes. First allow huge amounts of housing to be built in the most productive US cities (i.e. stop NIMBYism). Then start tackling reducing federal regulations (Jones Act, not allowing foreign airlines to serve domestic routes, allow oil exports, end ethanol mandate) but especially local regulations (2 years of study to get a hair braiding license, anti-Uber rules, make it easier to run a child care center).

Comment Re:Texting isn't typing (Score 1) 55

"Revoicing" is becoming more popular for live TV captioning. Revoicers, also known as respeakers, repeat clearly what is being said during unscripted events using special software that's trained to recognise their voice. Their speech is then converted into text which appears on a caption unit, an LED or large screen. Revoicers also need to pare down (edit) the live dialogue or conversation, which means the text that appears isn't verbatim, although it will always give a good idea of what's being said.

Comment Re:AT&T though... (Score 1) 64

Based on this graph, your DSL local loop is likely about 2.5 km long.

First, congratulations, your local loop is much shorter than the average 4.25 km local loop in the US!

Now the bad news, it is unclear that any DSL over twisted pair is going to get faster over a 2.5km loop. Yes, VDSL or G.FAST would give you crazy speedups if your loop was 500m or shorter, but otherwise you are out of luck until they get that DSLAM closer to your house somehow.

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