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Submission + - [meta] accidentally flagged 1

TheSHAD0W writes: So I accidentally clicked the "flag" icon on a submission, which immediately disappeared. I don't see any obvious way to undo this... I'm not sure how many accidental flaggings there are, but offering a way to un-flag a comment would reduce the load on moderators. Perhaps instead of making the entry disappear entirely, instead obscure the text and leave it there, so a second click on the icon would perform an undo?

Submission + - Apple requires credit card information for "free" security updates

TheSHAD0W writes: Apple recently updated OS X to version 10.10, "Yosemite", and is no longer providing security updates for older versions. Yosemite is "free", but to upgrade you have to sign in to their App Store — and provide credit card information. With all the security breaches recently, is it smart to provide financial information for no good reason?

Google Play isn't above offering free stuff in exchange for credit card info either.

Submission + - Cheap tablets: low RAM + SSD = acceptable? 1

TheSHAD0W writes: This $99 tablet was mentioned in an earlier story, running Windows 8.1 on only 1GB of RAM. Is it usable? Will it last?

For $99 you can't expect much more than a toy, but I'm wondering how well it'd work for real-world use. 1GB is low, but you're swapping to a SSD, not a magnetic disk; if the swapping were intelligent enough, it might be workable. A friend wondered about "handling a bunch of tabs" in a browser; has anyone tried this?

Then there are longevity issues; doing a lot of swapping to a SSD will tend to kill its life span. Still, for $99, would you be okay with having to replace it after 3 years or so?

Submission + - Voltage runs new art contest after ripping off submitters last year

TheSHAD0W writes: Voltage Entertainment USA, a company that primarily produces content for Japan, is running their 2014 art contest. (For a giggle, contrast the international version of the contest with the Japanese version.) They are promising $5,000 and 500,000 yen top awards, respectively, for the winners, with $1,000 and 100,000 yen awards for 3 runner-ups each. This is despite not awarding the top prizes for last year's submissions.

Submission + - Pop artists support Megaupload; Universal censors 1

TheSHAD0W writes: Several well-known artists, including P. Diddy, Will.I.Am, Snoop Dogg and Kanye West produced a song in support of the site Megaupload, recently targeted by law enforcement as a "rogue site". The music video was gaining popularity — until Youtube received a takedown notice from Universal Media Group, claiming it violated their copyrights.

Submission + - What did we learn from Fukushima?

TheSHAD0W writes: So, what did we learn from the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster? How can we modify existing reactors to mitigate or prevent such events? Would new reactor designs be more hardy in the face of an earthquake followed by a tsunami? And how much is this all going to cost?

My greatest question is, how much of the disaster was caused by the containment buildings exploding? Did that cause the reactor vessel to be breached, or was it inevitable? Venting the buildings to clear a build-up of hydrogen gas would have released radioactive materials to the environment, but probably not as much as having them detonate.

How would severe loss of coolant affect a pebble-bed reactor? Or a thorium-based reactor?

Submission + - Malware attacking routers

TheSHAD0W writes: "Apparently some malware is using affected computers to log onto routers with default passwords and modifying DNS settings to redirect searches..."

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