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Submission + - Register Your Fingerprints, Skip the Customs Line

TheRedSeven writes: The US Customs and Border Protection has started a program at O'Hare Airport (ORD) in Chicago, apparently in operation for a month now, that allows US citizens arriving from abroad to bypass the passport-checking line if they are willing to submit their fingerprints and undergo background checks.

The Global Entry program, unveiled at O'Hare last month by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, is designed to let travelers get through the airport faster but also affords a key benefit for the Department of Homeland Security: It makes it easier to track who is coming into the country.

This seems to me to be a way to use convenience to erode privacy and other rights, and has the added bonus that proponents can use the old You-have-nothing-to-fear-if-you've-done-nothing-wrong defense. One frequent business traveler said:

I have nothing to fear. The only people who do either have issues with their background or with their government. I don't fear my government--yet.

Is this legitimate convenience, or just another way to gather information on people?

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