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Comment Re:Some privacy is more equal than other (Score 3, Insightful) 470

Police officers are public employees while on duty, reinforced by federal, and California state laws as well as multiple independent court rulings that have nothing to do with said laws that were passed. So, except for the very vocal disagreement from some police unions, it has been unanimous that public recording of the police, as long as they do not physically impede an investigation, shall be allowed without interference. Now, if the people were to start editing the footage like they did in the Planned ParentHood video to falsify the events to create a completely false narrative that would be tampering with evidence, liable and possibly more charges , just like the Planned ParentHood video. If they did it to the cops I'd want them to be nailed just as bad as I want them to be nailed for doing it to the Planned Parenthood.

Comment Re: Thought crime (Score 1) 164

I have no interest in protecting pedophiles but, if you're on the FBI's payroll, a person's name is on a FBI list, the computer comes in with malware and shows up with malware and child porn they claim they have no idea how it go there are you going to be just a little concerned that the evidence could have been planted? Even if it wasn't, the evidence was obtained without a proper warrant and the fact that it was collected by a Best Buy employee just makes it worse as it just means that the evidence has been hasn't had a proper chain of custody on top of improper collection.

I'm all for pedophiles going to jail. But, do your fucking job properly so they actually stay there!

Comment Re:That org is garbage (Score 0) 377

I'm all for legal gun ownership and concealed carry permits with training but, the "good man with a gun saves the day" is complete and utter bullshit (or horseshit per parent post language). An armed gunman is usually taken down by a team of armed and armored police officers rather than a single person though there are rare exceptions and those are usually rare, retired military exceptions. Sorry wannabe terrorist, you just pulled the cop that's a recently retired Navy SEAL member member with honors... good luck (not really).

Comment Re:Easy to do with an iPhone (Score 1, Redundant) 301

I would gladly have a phone that would have a self-wipe feature after both a multiple failed attempts and with an alternate code or different fingerprint entered. That last one being especially important with the police forcing people to unlock phone with their fingerprints. This would allow you to use your fingerprint on the phone but instead of unlocking it, it would wipe. Now, you'd be facing destruction of evidence of obstruction of justice charges but, that is probably better than what you would have been facing had the phone been unlocked.

Comment Re:Subsidize via Taxes (Score 1) 537

Though the individual states may manage the colleges, the education funding is federal which is why the federal government is allowed to set admission and education standards for public schools and state colleges. The states may add on additional requirements as long as they don't conflict with the federal requirements. If you want the money, you have to follow the federal rules. So, though you're technically right, in practice, you're wrong. As the old sayings go: "Follow the money" and "he, who has the gold, makes the rules."

Comment Re:Subsidize via Taxes (Score 2) 537

Private schools can choose to set tuition however they want, that's one of the perks of being private. But, if you receive public funds, aka tax money, tuition should be fair to all students, not how much some administrator can gouge out of you. I agree with some of the other posters, that if you're a US citizen then a US college education should be free as it is likely that all citizens with benefit from your education. Society receives a huge benefit from public K-12 schools and if there's a benefit to college education, then it should be included as well. (Yes, I'm aware that not all public education is created equal and that there are problems with it, but that is another topic. The general statement still applies.)

Comment Re: In the interest of infringing further: (Score 1) 146

As much as I hate to admit it, you're probably right. The movies have been wildly successful by every margin that Hollywood cares about (money & blow jobs) and they did this by removing everything that made Star Trek what it was. Most of these elements required the audience to think and that's the last thing you and the masses want to do, even if you and they are capable. So what we ended up with was three Star Wars films with the names changed to avoid copyright issues. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Star Wars but, it's mindless entertainment.

Comment Re:heres the operative sentence (Score 1) 406

When you're talking the South China Sea, there are two territorial boundaries to consider. Was this the boundary that the international community, except China, acknowledges as their territory or the imaginary boundary that China claims as its territory on shoddy 'historical' evidence that just happens to encompass large theoretical reserves of oil?

Now, if the drone does exactly as claimed, then it is harmless. However, if I was the Chinese, I wouldn't be willing to take the US Navy's word for it and would want to look at it myself to make sure. It wouldn't be the first time we co-opted something for the good of humanity to serve US military interests.

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