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Comment Re:Question (Score 1) 519

I think there is one US state that gives actual money via welfare.

Just about everywhere else, you could wait 5 years to get section 8 housing, get food stamps, *help* with utilities (not all paid), maybe medical coverage, but you still need to fill in the gaps with actual money. Even if you qualify for TANF, you'll get pittance for a short time, which you have to pay back. Long gone is the person that can live exclusively on welfare.

Comment Not clear (Score 1) 58

So... if I understand this correctly, the vulnerability is in the fact that since they mac-then-encrypt, the data must be decrypted before the HMAC can be validated. SO, in theory, it opens up the possibility of a side-channel attack, but I don't see how the encryption is actually "broken"

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