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Comment Re:Netcraft confirms it: 2.2 Lives On! (Score 2) 101

Something happened with the transition from 2.4 to 2.6. When distros started shipping with 2.6, linux stopped being the answer to using old hardware. It fell as slow and sluggish as any other OS would (except maybe DOS). My fathers Celeron 300A was a great illustration of such, as well as the Compaq laptop my nephew once owned.

I think the bigger kicker was 2.6 wasn't drop in compatible to 2.4. A lot of things changed (like linuxthreads->NPTL) and with it, so did the libraries that shipped with it. Old applications (Kylix) were dead in the water

Comment Re:Background per desktop? (Score 1) 89

I'd like the option to buy a cpu that doesn't have the circuitry to swap memory to disk

That isn't how it works. The processor indicates it wants to access virtual address X and it is up to the OS to manage how that happens. Plenty of OS's have a virtual memory system without physical disk swap.

Hibernation can be completely done in software

Hibernation, by definition, requires the hardware to support that function.

same as task swapping (see DOS 5 on pre-386 cpus as an example)

And the context switching penalty was palpable.

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