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Comment Irrational fear and misinformation (Score 3, Interesting) 136

Canadian nuclear plants emit 40 times more tritium every day when functioning normally than the Vermont Yankee leak emitted in a year:

A 1 GW(e) natural gas turbine will emit about 9 curies/year,* which is 20 times the rate of radiation from the VT Yankee leak at its highest.

Oh, and natural gas "fracking" produces toxic and radioactive wastewater. This article from last summer discusses EPA tests that found nasties from the fracturing fluid in domestic well water:
New York State is doing fracking in something called Marcellus shale. This article from last fall says that surface wastewater from these sites was found to contain Ra-226 in concentrations "thousands of times" the limit for drinking water:
This page
says, "more than 18 billion barrels of waste fluids from oil and gas production are generated annually in the United States".


* Radioactivity of fossil gas. This abstract
gives 200 Bq/m^3. It doesn't say where they measured, but given context of the paper I'll assume it was at the consumer end of the line, at STP. I don't know if gas used at electrical plants is any fresher, but I'll assume it's no more stale. Pure methane has an energy content of 55.5 kJ/g and a density of 667 g/m^3, or about 5 Wh(e)/L from a 50%-efficient combined-cycle plant. So about 40Bq/Wh, or 1 nanoCurie per Wh, or 9 Curies/GW-yr.

Comment Re:If they're smart kids... (Score 1) 419

"First off, the Army gets to be pretty picky about who it lets in."

WHAT!? They are letting in convicted felons, non U.S. citizens, gang bangers, all kinds of malcontents these days just to get BODIES to go fight in Afganistan and Iraq. I know - I have friends and family SERVING in the Army right now (no none of them are in the above list - they know people who are though). We have PYCHOS's in the Army killing kids FOR FUN, killing dogs FOR FUN, killing reporters and kids FOR FUN! Read the news watch the videos WIkileaks released!

Here is just a few for you:

Wikileaks reveals video showing US air crew shooting down Iraqi civilians
"Footage of July 2007 attack made public as Pentagon identifies website as threat to national security"

Wikileak'd video shows U.S. troops firing on Reuters reporters and Iraqi children

Neo-Cons Defend Massacre Of Iraqi Journalists, Children

Wikileaks leaked video of Civilians killed in Baghdad -- Full video

Wikileaks Video Exposes Apache Murders of Journalists, Children In Iraq

Alex Jones Covers the WikiLeaks Pentagon Snuff Video

WikiLeaks VIDEO Exposes 2007 'Collateral Murder' In Iraq

Mainstream media ignores Wikileaks video and pays more attention to Tiger Woods

Wikileaks Iraq Video Authenticated By Senior Military Officer

Leaked U.S. video shows deaths of Reuters' Iraqi staffers

36 Still Images - WikiLeaks Iraq Video (Dial-Up Warning and UPDATE from Wikileaks

Violence in Video Games and the Baghdad Massacre

US Army Spending $50M for Video Games to Train Soldiers for Combat

Not playing around: Army to invest $50M in combat training games

White House won't deny report saying it approved killing of American without trial

White House won't deny report saying it approved killing of American without trial

Comment " in three people..." (Score 1) 776

While it is tragic that " in three people..." killed are civilian (if true) - the fault does not rest with American military.

The fault rests with terrorists who:
1. Dress like civilians; not in uniform.
2. Mingle and hide with civilians, in mosques, hospitals, schools; not on military compounds.

They are the ones placing the civilian populace at risk.

Comment Re:Refuting the imaginary article in your head (Score 1) 410

We aren't talking about files, we're talking about memory allocated to a process. INT3 opcode was just an example - it's just an empty opcode in this purpose as it's never being executed (compiler just put it in).

The large empty area after the code section was explained here. Modifying it doesn't change memory allocation.

The article I linked does quickly mention empty space but it is not really point of the whole article. However that empty space is used in it to create cheats for a game:

Since codecaves must be in the process space of the application, there are two possibilities, in the EXE or in a loaded DLL. When a codecave is in the EXE, it is usually coded inline. This simply means the codecave is placed somewhere in an unused portion of the EXE that is empty or not used on a regular basics, such as exception handling code.

btw, from a 4 digit UID I would had expected better, as you pretty much yelled this non-sense around all the comments. It's you who doesn't understand even the basics about PE files and how they're memory mapped. And again, we aren't talking about files on hard drive but in memory - two completely different matters.

Comment Re:Use Fahrenheit *and* Celsius, please. (Score 1) 676

But with Fahrenheit if you're talking about the temperature with somebody you're probably only accurate to 5 degrees. Who cares if it's 93 degrees out instead of 95? With Celsius you just compress the scale and you're accurate to about 2 degrees. If you grow up with it then it makes perfect sense.

For scientific applications when you need to be precise the point is moot because you use Celsius or Kelvin by convention.

Comment Re:Gah (Score 1) 163

My problem with SSDs isn't even the price per GB (which is bad enough). It's the amount of space, period. (...) When the drives come in at least 500 GB sizes, then I'll consider them.

Unlike mechanical drives which have a very clear sweet spot the SSD prices scale almost linearly with size. Actually I have no problems finding a 512GB SSD in stock here in Norway. The downside is that it costs 1800$ with or 1450$ without VAT, exactly double what the 256GB version costs.

Comment Re:As an eReader (Score 1) 109

Im being picky here, but the screen is an awkward shape for eBooks. 1024x600 as 10.1" is a rather elongated rectangle, and isn't anywhere near the same ratios as 8.5"x11" paper (22:17 which pdfs emulate).

As much as I like the Pixel Qi displays I have to admire Apple to be bold and go back to the good old 1024x768. I was totally surprised by that but they're right.

There's another problem with 1024x600: When you turn the thing around the height/width ratio changes so much that you either have to totally re-adjust your UI or have to accept some awkward compromise that somewhat works with both orientations and somewhat sucks in both.

OK, Android apps have to deal with so many different screen solutions that this probably is the smallest of your problems. But I very much doubt that this will help Android with UI excellence.

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