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Comment Re:Not dead on my desktop (Score 0) 1348

So, a nine year old OS doesn't work on a modern computer without some major tweaking? Whodda thunk it? Just out of curiosity, how well does a linux distribution from 2001 work on the same machine? For instance, say ~ Slackware 7.1, released around the same time as XP.

Comment Re:Lets see the parade (Score 0) 202

I don't quite get the appeal of this form factor: way too big for a phone, too small to match the power and input ease of a laptop. I mean, a 7" screen? Who wants to watch video on a screen that size? It's too big for a pocket or a belt clip, so you've got to lug it around. It seems the whole mobile market would be revolutionized if somebody could make decent (durable, good pic, decent battery life, not dorky looking) video glasses, so that mobile devices wouldn't even have to worry about providing a screen at all, and thus could be made easily to clip on a belt or shoved in a pocket and stay there. Just a video out (probably HDMI just for the size/compatibility) and either a track pad/ball on the device or a motion tracker built into the glasses for GUI-only input (a la a touchscreen), and a USB port for hooking up a real keyboard/mouse if you're not actually on the go at that time. In other words, a true portable and flexible PC.

Comment Re:"Undeniable"? Ha! (Score 0) 1657

It really is just a matter of timescale. Ok, there's been a warming trend the last 30 years. So? In terms of geological timeframes, which is pretty much the timescale you're talking about for world-wide climate, 30 years is a blip. Being worried over a 3 decade trend in climate is akin to the people who argue global warming is/isn't happening because this summer has been hot/winter has been cold.

Comment Re:Matrix Jokes ... (Score 2, Interesting) 183

Can you get power from humans? Sure, but why would you specifically breed them for that purpose? I mean, really, nuclear would be a great deal easier, and provide much more power. So would burning coal. In either case, you don't need to set up an elaborate virtual reality to keep the fuel cells in line. Hell, even if you accept that bio-generated heat is an ideal power source, why not use cows? The VR would be a great deal simpler. Finally, even if for some bizarre reason humans are the only option, why even bother with a VR at all: just lobotomize them or induce a coma.

That's one of the main reasons I was so disappointed in the sequels: they got way too mystical. What would have been better would be if it had been found out that the primary reason the matrix was made was not for power generation, rather computational power. A portion of each inhabitant of the matrix brain was used as hardware for the AI. In order to keep the brain functioning correctly, the VR had to be generated. It would also explain "The One"'s ability to hack the matrix: he could access the part of his brain that was being used to generate the matrix, giving him access to the fundamental underpinnings. In essence, a backdoor exploit. I personally think it would have been more satisfying and dramatic if the original teaser line "what is the matrix?" had been answered in the sequels as "we are the matrix".

Comment You know the following (Score 0) 765

1. The IP address of where the laptop ended up. Since it's in another state, it's not unreasonable to assume that the laptop was sold to someone, and probably not out of the back of a van. That means probably an internet sale, and that means probably ebay
2. The exact model of the laptop. I assume you have this information.
3. The date of the robbery
4. The first time the laptop accessed gmail after it was stolen

I think you should try doing a search on ebay for your laptop make and model sold in the time between the robbery and first use. You may get several hits, but since you know the exact specs of the laptop, you should be able to narrow it down. My suspicion would be that the thief attends your university, or at least lives in/near your town, thus that should narrow it down further if not make it unique. At that point, you could send the police report to eBay along with the suspicions regarding the seller. I don't think eBay wants the rep as being a vehicle for fencing stolen goods, so you could get some action on their part.

Comment Re:1993? Hardly fresh. (Score 0) 664

Well, that's the thing about judicial hearings: in general, they won't answer questions along those lines. Either they'll say they won't answer hypotheticals without exact details that don't exist, or they can't answer a question because it's a case that is likely to appear before the court. Either way, you can't get a straight simple answer out of them. Consequently, all we have is their record, either as a judge or as a legal scholar. All we have to go on, and all we're likely to get, is that she did speak out for stricter government control over certain kinds of speech with which she disagreed. Unless there's new evidence of a "change in heart", that's all we're likely to have.

Comment Re:Scratches disc and improved dpads (Score 0) 176

Well, yes, that helps, but you still need the disk to be recognized in order to play it. I've seen Fable 2, Assassins Creed 2, and one other game go bad due to scratches. It's not the environment, since the xbox360 always sits horizontally on a very sturdy piece of furniture, which itself rests on carpeting. The only other electronics on this large piece are a cable modem, wireless router, DVD player, and LCD TV. The only possible source of external vibration would be the DVD player, and it is never used while the Xbox is on plus it's fairly far removed. So, it's the xbox, not abuse.

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