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Comment Re:Everyone knows... (Score 1) 229

To this day I still sleep like a baby through the night. Unless, of course, I'm interrupted by the sounds of somebody else stumbling their way to the bathroom.

... or by that nice feeling of wet pajamas rubbing against your skin reminding you that sometimes it's really better to go ...

Comment Re:SEO gaming - no penalty! (Score 2) 220

Or maybe, that JCPenney makes most of its money in its brick-and-mortar stores rather than online?

Or most of their online customers go directly to JCPenney's rather than searching for a source of doodads or widgets?

In the end, google might have done JCPenney's a favor by showing them how little business their SEO games actually brought, and that this is an expense they can well do without...

Comment Re:Same time? (Score 1) 365

Would it matter where the data was heading at the time?

Sure it does. We (supposedly) live in a fair country where everyone has right to due process.

The point is that the user was doing data transmission with her phone when her hands should have been on the wheel.

So she connected to facebook while sitting in her car idling in her driveway waiting for it to "warm up". After a while she put the phone on the passenger's seat (or into her pocket), forgot to disconnect from the network, and drove off. All the while one of the myriads of silly javascripts included in facebook kept on chattering with the facebook server without her knowledge.

Or maybe, she did indeed have a fancy client that was buffering her update while she was sitting in an area with poor reception, and automatically sending the buffered data when reception was better (i.e. seconds before the accident).

Comment Re:always close your browser. (Score 2) 161

Which is why I always close my browser after a banking session.

Which is why I always use a secure OS and a secure browser to do my online banking.

If you use Internet Explorer on Windows, "closing" your browser is not enough. Internet Explorer is part of the OS, and keeps on running in the background even if no window of it is showing.

Comment Re:Close browser not just log out (Score 0) 161

Hence the suggestion that after using online banking, you close the browser not just log out of the session. Or would this not help with this malware?

This trojan only target windiots, Slashdot users intelligent enough to use Firefox should be safe.

For those who do use Internet Explorer: when you close it, it's not really closed; it's part of the OS after all! In order to really "close" Internet Explorer, you'd need to shut down your computer.

Comment Re:Uptime (Score 1) 705

The amount of replacement HDDs that I've had to hand out due to users not understanding that a laptop can't be thrown on the passenger seat of a car while it's on and open...

There's quite a difference between carefully moving a laptop, and throwing it...

Comment Re:Uptime (Score 1) 705

That's all fine and good, but it's not like someone sitting with a laptop ON THEIR LAP isn't going to shift around or move at all. If it's on a table, fine. But I guarantee that laptops are moved all the time without dire consequences.

However, keeping it ON YOUR LAP can lead to dire consequences. Especially if you are not moving it enough...

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