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Comment Re:Remember when the US could point fingers? (Score 1) 108

modded up and yet, posted as AC (my parent poster).

see, kind of proves it even more. many people don't even want to have a pseudonym, they go that extra bit to post as AC.

when people feel like they need to hide that extra level for something that should not be even a casual worry, you know your country has gone too far off the deep end.

I hope the world can unwind and get back to normal again. someday.

Comment Re:Non Stop Orwell (Score 4, Insightful) 213

as has been said many times, 'they' only need to win once and we need to win 100% of the time or we lose our liberties.

I really didn't ever think I'd see the US, my home country, turn into this kind of attack on freedom and privacy.

then again, I have to keep reminding myself, this is a human thing and we see this all over the world. I could list a dozen countries that are also attacking their citizens in this way.

I wonder how we solve a HUMAN problem? in fact, I have my doubts we can. this may well be the trigger that ends our world (yes, dramatic statement, but all signs are that the world is giving up on itself and doubling down on the derp, as the kids say, today). the disease of anti-liberty is infecting the whole world and the holdouts are losing. we are losing.

not pleasant thoughts, I know. but again, we have to win 100% of the attacks on our freedoms, and they only need to win once and once a law is enacted, its near impossible to fix it later. it can easily be too late by the time we realize what we have done to ourselves.

Comment local NAS (Score 1) 312

files saved on my nas, reachable via wired and wifi at home, played by via rasp pi players (recent i2s sound cards are pretty good).

one thing that I am glad I did; there was a short time I was listening to streaming music that I discovered via the old logitech slimserver stuff. I found some nice background music that was low key and worth having for various reasons.

I found a ripper - 'streamrip' - and it would sit there on a network stream (of the right type) and pretty well id the songs and name them as separate .mp3 files in a folder you pointed it to. let it run for days or weeks and come back to scoop up all the files. you then find so many dupes, too! but that's also kind of funny - you see what they 'played' lots of.

the best part of the CSB is: since I saved them, I have them. weeks worth. I would not notice if such a long playlist repeated a song. and you guessed it, the 'station' went off the air and now its gone, gone for good, most likely.

I have thousands of songs from that 'station' and its great bg 'working' music. if I had simply trusted the cloud, I'd have nothing now. instead, I grabbed mirror copies and I'm in good shape.

its also why I run youtube-dl to view YT videos. if its worth watching, I will save a local copy and watch from that.

Comment Re:I would advise against it (Score 1) 262

And the reason I'd give is 'I don't think I can trust you'.

funny, I say that to companies that I have to deal with as a consumer, such as comcast (for an example). I don't give them my home #, or I give a number that I used to have but let expire. I won't give them my cell # since I don't trust them not to abuse it. I don't have a landline anymore (most people don't) and I'm NOT going to give out my real actual cell # to some company who just seems to 'really want it'. if I have a problem, I'll call you. I don't need you calling me. again, I DON'T TRUST YOU.

so, say that. let them get used to hearing it. maybe it will sink in.

we stopped trusting you, mr. big corp. you don't get my real email addr and you don't get my cell phone #. you get my billing addr and other billing info, but you do not get the right to call me.

some school asking to store healthcare info would get the same reply. we don't trust you. nothing personal, but you - as an industry - are not trustworthy. sorry. no can do. maybe talk to little bobby tables, his parents might be ok with having his data online. do you need his number?

Comment Re:Specific reason (Score 4, Interesting) 262

nice attempt at trying to turn it around (not the poster, the article).

having to give a reason is so backwards! they should have a good reason TO put it online.

my answer would be flat out 'no'. period. full stop.

if they insist on an answer why, simply say 'I have some background in computer security, that's why'.

doubtful they will push further than that.

amazing that some people that you'd think would be smart, suggest such bone-headed ideas.

have we not had almost a weekly break-in news article about this or that data breech?

just WHY would anyone suggest putting med info online - its clearly because they stand to make money from it, but they could care less if data gets out.

now, make them $1M liable for any breech and we'll talk. and I want the money in escrow, first, before I believe you.

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