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Comment Re: We Need More Programming Languages! (Score 1) 162

I posted about this last time the python wars were on ;)

there should be 2 concepts that are never co-mingled. there is 'define a block' for the computer and 'define a block' for humans.

python's mistake was that they combined them. what we SEE (and makes sense, based on our 2d vision/brain abilities) needs to be something to show us, quickly, what a block is. indenting works and that's fine.

what the computer PARSES does not need visual 2d help. the computer parser needs to be so robust that it is immune to our petty 'what we SEE' things. for this, we use brackets or begin/end blocks or what the hell bash uses (never liked it, but its also a block structure that is immune to spaces, more or less). and you can post code that is messed up by good old html and 'webmasters' and then extract it via a download, compile it and it will work.

with python and other misguided languages, a simple mistaken space format change - which often happens when posting code to forums - will totally blow your code reliability. it MAY or may NOT work. even if it works, is it actually correct? yeah, that can be pushed left. and that, too. it still 'works' but is it RIGHT?

sigh. this is fucked up, guys. it happens enough that we need to learn our lesson, say 'nice try' but it did NOT work out.

we need to keep the computer parser block stuff separated from our 'presentation layer' that we, humans, use to create and edit and read source code.

give me brace-based c code, totally mess up the spacing and I can run it thru a beautifier (for me, just plain emacs) and I'll SEE what you meant by your code. just cannot do that with the python style languages.

please, language creators of the next generation: learn from this. guido is a smart guy, but he's not perfect and he was 100% wrong when he decided to COMBINE those 2 concepts. good try, pat on the back and all that, but admit it didn't work out and lets move on, already!

Comment Re:Good news for me (Score 5, Informative) 180

you don't know the whole story.

lenovo is many companies. their business laptop division is nothing like the 'yoga crap' that they sell consumers with crapware.

that said, there are issues you need to know about hp and lenovo (those are the 2 that come to mind). they both lock down the pci-e slot so that you can't install your own wifi mini-pcie card due to a blacklist/whitelist in the bios. I bought a t420s laptop a few years ago since it was what we used at work and they seemed very reliable and repairable, too. only after I tried to install an intel gig-wifi card (ac) did it refuse to boot on me. I did find a hacked bios on one of the forums and it works fine, but I have NO IDEA what is really going on and if there is spyware in that hacked bios due to the 'helpful user' who made the bios hack for me. I really cant be sure what was done to that hacked bios, but at least I do get to use the wifi card I want.

other than that, its been a good laptop, it has been repairable and its built pretty well.

the spyware and phone home stuff does not tend to exist on the business level lappies. business guys would not put up with that, generally; only 'yoga users' (lol, what a name!) would.

so, pick the right model of lenovo and be sure you get the right wifi card from purchase. oh, and I tried BUYING the 'right' wifi card after the sale. impossible to do. no one would sell me one and even lenovo would not. incredible. you have to configure it with the ac wifi you want when you buy it. or, take your chances with hacked bios, which I would not really want to do again.

Comment Re:This is my shocked face (Score 1) 272

dead wrong.

in fact, this reminds me of an EEVBLOG post I read that addressed the rigol scope market (I think it was rigol) and that they made 2 scopes on a model # - one for non-china sales and one for china-only sales. the china-only one was really dangerous and underdesigned. lots of failures - total POS. the reason it was sold to china only is that its easier to sell shit to them and they can deal with the problems locally (not expensive to mail it back to the factory, etc). if I mailed a bad scope from the US to china, it would cost half of the value of the scope, itself.

china does not keep the 'better stuff' to its own people. its the exact opposite, in fact. china has more people than they need and care nothing for human life. individuals are not respected, the 'whole' is the only thing that matters to their culture. quite backward from how I grew up (in the US) and this divide is one major difference between us that I can't see ever changing.

china educated engineers also tend not to be very creative and also generally not very good (sorry if the truth hurts).

Comment Re:This is my shocked face (Score 0) 272

chinese modern culture assigns NO value to human life.

I should not have to list product news items to demo that to you. everyone knows this, at some level.

the chinese CAN design and build serious things; but mostly, money matters more than anything to them and ethics simply does not enter into 'profits'. when profits are all that matters, we are done for. they learned TOO WELL from us, it seems (damn.)

china capacitors will be here to plague us until we cease as a species. and that's just one of the fucked up things they did to the world. impossible to buy gear that does not have the fake china caps inside ;(

Comment england, today, would make orwell cry (Score 1) 165

I used to travel to the UK quite regularly, in the 80's and some in the 90's. I would not recognize it now, in many ways. they have gone so far into the nanny state and citizen spying, I would never voluntarily move to england and I don't even really want to fly there anymore.

england has jumped the shark and they have so many problems, it would be absurd for a new tech company to move there. the only reason would be for localized business or to have local feet on the ground. but to start a tech company there? LOL, indeed.

Comment Re:Who knew? (Score 1) 294

when the 'right way' wont work, do it any fucking way you can.

"I learned from watching you, dad!"

(so to speak)

rules are for little people. so, the hacker decided it should follow the rulebook of some other class of personhood.

I understand. I know that our system is filled with broken-ness. and when you lose faith that the system can work, you go rogue.

I fully understand. it sucks that we have gotton to this, but we have.

Comment Re:Tax (Score 3, Insightful) 539

when government ensures that everyone can get power, and mail, and water and sewage (etc etc) - are they doing it with some alterior motives? strings attached? join 'our club' or else?

the government, in the ideal sense, exists to empower people with a higher standard of living that they can achieve collectively, that they could not individually. we have roads and utilities and all that - NOT because its a 'good business profit' reason, but because its what is Right and Good and what everyone knows down deep is the real meaning of life.

'profit' is some excuse that is being trotted out at every chance in order to justify greed and inhumanity toward each other. companies have no ethics, no reason to exist to further mankind. governments, arguably, DO exist for the common betterment.

the fact that all governments have become evil and corrupt, well, that's what we created for ourselves. we let things get to this point, all of us, somehow. some more than others, but ....

but in essence, you can't expect companies to exist to improve life. governments, WERE supposed to be there to improve quality of life and not care about 'profit'.

religion has a motive. and it makes selective 'gifts'. to get the soup, you have to listen to the BS sermon. no listen, no soup. that's not a group of people I want running things.

Comment Re:Apple is trying to make money? (Score 3, Funny) 311

last time I was in the UK, it was explained to me that 'courage houses' were the worst ones to go to for good beer.

not sure if there is a linkage here or not, but I learned to think of 'courage' as stuff you don't want. at least when it comes to bitters and lagers.

Comment Re:What, No Spy Camera? (Score 0) 88

this bugs the crap out of me: you have NO IDEA if apple plays ball with the government or not. what is your source of data? apple's WORD? yeah, right. give me a minute to stop laughing.

its the greatest con I've ever seen. apple tells people it does not spy on them and people stupidly believe it with NO DATA at all to go on but apple's good word (lol).

why - just why would any corp buck the most powerful government on earth, in all of earth's known history? you cannot get far in US business (if you are big) if you snub your nose at the big uncle.

I fully believe that apple is lying thru thru their iTeeth. unless its proven (and it will never be, to you and I) that their whole stack, sw+hw+network is secure, I have to assume that uncle had a heart to heart with the apple ceo and splained it to lucy, so to speak. play ball or we will make things hard for you in so many ways; you won't want to test us...

the desire to spy on citizens is so strong and that candy is so sweet, no government will be able to just let a strong and influencial company deliver TRUE privacy to citizens. look at RIM and how they caved. google - we all know they are the government's bitch. we know MS is, also. and there's no damned reason to think apple is any different.

advertisements and 'good will' means nothing. a show, like the TSA show at the airports. let the masses think one way while the truth is held from them.

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