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Comment Re:So.. (Score 1) 344

Well, you can always do ad-hoc materialized views ... I'm coding some now.

However, better matview management is currently under development. We had a Google Summer Of Code project to write code to manage the updating of materialized views. In a couple of releases, we might have matviews as good as Oracle's.

Of course, if you're a PostgreSQL user and you want better matview support, then we could really use your help developing it.

--Josh Berkus
      PostgreSQL Project

Comment Re:As always... (Score 1) 344


You're absolutely correct that such a comparison would be a real asset to users. However, it would also be a Herculean task. Several people have tried to do similar things, but the number of indexes you need to compare (features, reliability, performance, etc.) is too large. And some things are so different it's hard to compare them meaning fully. Imagine trying to do a head-to-head comparison of all OSes in every way.

Here's a few comparison links, but they just scratch the surface:

Submission + - PostgreSQL 9.0 released (

greg1104 writes: "PostgreSQL 9.0 has been released today, including a pile of new features (with example usage for many). The biggest pair of features now included with the database allow near real-time asynchronous binary replication to slave nodes, along with the ability to run queries against them. Packages such as pgpool-II 3.0 have already been updated to build clusters using that feature, allowing transparent application load-balancing across multiple nodes for scaling read-heavy loads."

Submission + - PostgreSQL 8.4 Out (

TheFuzzy writes: "PostgreSQL version 8.4 is now out and available for download. The main cool features in this version are: recursive queries (for doing trees etc.), windowing functions (for doing reports, more here), column-level permissions, parallel database restore (more here), a beta in-place upgrade tool, and a host of administrative improvements. And, of course, better performance, mainly on reporting queries. Some of the over 200 new or enhanced features are listed here."

Submission + - Finally ... PostgreSQL 8.4 ( 1

TheFuzzy writes: "Another year, another major release. The PostgreSQL development team has finally released PostgreSQL 8.4 (and there was much rejoicing). This version contains windowing functions for the Biz Intelligence types, and recursive queries for everyone else doing a web application. Postgres has also put a lot of work into changing many of the things which made it "hard to use" in the past. Try it and see if you agree."

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