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Comment When people are dumb enough to rely on the cloud.. (Score 5, Insightful) 122

I had a client a few years back that accidentally deleted 10 years worth of personal photos because they thought they were only deleting them from iCloud, not knowing it would delete it from their computer as well.

I say, if people are fucking stupid enough to entrust a third party with their data and not back it up independently, they get what they deserve.

Back up your shit, and back it up to YOUR OWN MEDIA.

Comment I have an idea (Score 1) 627

There should be a phone-lock app with 2 different unlock codes - one for normal every-day use and the other which, when used, automatically activates the camera + mic and livestreams/records not only from the camera but a screencast - so those searching the phones will be exposed to what they're actually searching for. Should have ability to disable turning off data/wi-fi so it can be ensured that it streams. I bet there'd be a sizable market for something like that.

Comment Wireless "router" (Score 1) 67

I'm sick of the generalization that all Wireless access points are "routers".

They're ROUTERS if they ROUTE between two different networks. If they are simply an access point to which you connect your wireless device to a wired network, they are referred to "ACCESS POINTS". Yes, some WAPs have routing functionality as well, along with a built-in switch, firewalling ability, blah blah blah. Doesn't make all WAPs "Wireless Routers" though.

I guess that kind of thing doesn't matter these days anymore though. Get the fuck off my lawn. Now you LOOK AT ME WHEN I'M TALKING TO YOU!

Comment Re: If the president does not uphold the consituti (Score 1) 372

God, it's not like "eliminate" means KILL. Stop being such a pussy. The constitution has a purpose in this context and it means REMOVE FROM OFFICE. Stop being such a chicken shit and stand up for the law of the land. I hate feeling like I can't talk about problems because of fear I'll be targeted. This isn't America anymore if you can't stand up for yourself and the documents of the founding fathers. No president will EVER take the constitution away from the people, no matter how hard they try.

Comment Is this used by default for everyone now? (Score 1) 87

FTFA: "The anti-censorship feature is currently present in the latest version of Signal for Android. It’s also included in a beta version of the app for iOS that will be released in production soon. The developers also plan future improvements that will allow the app to detect censorship automatically and switch to domain fronting even if the user has a phone number from a country where censorship is not normally present. This is intended to cover those cases where users travel to other countries where the app is blocked."

I reside in a country that doesn't (yet) block Signal. But will my app automatically use domain fronting anyway? I'd rather not use the feature unless absolutely necessary, to protect the integrity and privacy of my communications.

Comment "Deep dive" includes voting machine forensics? (Score 2) 557

I RTFA and didn't catch whether this supposed review is going to include a formal forensics analysis of voting machines, at least in swing states where something of this nature would have been beneficial and anomalies in exit polls vs. actual numbers on machines happened. There were states that flat out denied Stein's request of forensics on the machines, which I think is completely ridiculous. If you're gonna punch the same commands into possibly pwned machines, of COURSE you're gonna get the same numbers (both on memory card and internal "redundant" memory). That is *not* a "recount".

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