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Submission + - JC Penney Tried to Block Publication of Breach (

itwbennett writes: Claiming that the disclosure would cause 'confusion and alarm,' JC Penney fought to keep its name secret during court proceedings related to the Heartland data breach, in which more than 130 million credit card numbers were stolen. JC Penney attorney Michael D. Ricciuti wrote that disclosing the company's identity 'may discourage other victims of cybercrimes to report the criminal activity or cooperate with enforcement officials for fear of the retribution and reputational damage that may arise from a policy of disclosure as espoused by the government in this case.'

Submission + - Solaris No Longer Free As In Beer (

rubycodez writes: Oracle, having acquired Sun Microsystems including its Unix(tM), will no longer give away free Solaris licenses. Oracle also states that some features of its Oracle Solaris will not appear in OpenSolaris, which means OpenSolaris may start to die.

Submission + - SanDisk shipping 64Gb X4 NAND flash memory (

ElectricSteve writes: SanDisk Corporation has begun shipping 64Gb flash memory cards based on the company’s advanced X4 flash memory technology. Five years in the making, X4 (4-bits-per-cell) technology holds twice as many bits in each cell as conventional multi-level cell (MLC) NAND memory chips. Based on 43nm process technology, the 64Gb NAND flash chip is the highest-density single-die memory device in the world to enter production.

Submission + - SPAM: Will Nanotech Create a Brain Revolution? 2

destinyland writes: "Brain researcher Zack Lynch discusses "the coming neurosociety" in his book "Neuro Revolution". (On the jacket Vint Cerf says "Avoid reading this book at your peril.") And in a new interview Lynch argues that nanotechnology will drive amazing progress in brain technology. ("One of the hallmark characteristics of each technological revolution is that when a technology is developed for one then begin to see it in a wide variety of different endeavors far beyond it's original intended use.") Lynch also envisions "neurosoftware applications" to adjust brain miscalculations, and believes today's cognition-enhancing drugs will lead to drugs (and "neurodevices") which improve memory in normal humans. Ultimately he sees the possibility of a new "neurospiritual tradition," and even drugs and neurostimulation devices to improve sexual experiences."
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Submission + - WIndows 7 reg active w/ no download available (

jkanter writes: "The download page for Windows 7 still asks people to sign up for a product key but no longer allows people to download the installation from Microsoft. It makes you register w/, enter your info, confirm your e-mail only to tell you that you cannot download the newest Windows 7 from their site. Shouldn't they just say it's no longer downloadable from the start screen? Is this fair?"

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