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Comment Re:It's theater... (Score 2) 342

Here's something that pissed me off beyond words last time I flew.
I stood in line. My photo id and boarding pass were verified. Both my laptops were pulled out of their bags and scanned. My shoes were scanned. I got in the x-ray machine and got to the "secure area".

What's staring me in the face? A fucking TGI Fridays.

Don't worry, I'm sure that, like all franchised eateries, the staff are well-paid, happy, and patriotic, and the turnaround is so low that there is NO WAY that some evil person could get a job there or that the employees would NEVER let a shady character obtain something dangerous.

Are you kidding? Terrorists are willing and able to strap explosives to various parts of their bodies in order to blow themselves (and others) up for the greater glory of their God. But to work at TGI Friday's for minimum wage? They ain't that crazy.

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