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Submission + - Hydraulic Hybrids More Efficient than Electric (

gormanw writes: "Is there better hybrid technology than the trusty Prius? Do more efficient hybrids exist? Yes! Hydraulic hybrid systems are more efficient than electric hybrids. UPS and Ford are running pilots, today! This article spells out the details, pluses, minuses, the works."

Submission + - Wii Homebrew Cracks Latest Update

Dr. Eggman writes: Ars Technica brings us news on the Wii homebrew front. As you may recall, recently firmware version 3.3 was released and countered the popular Twilight Hack. The update would check for corrupted save files and delete them, eliminating the ability to use the file for launching homebrew apps. However, already new holes have been found which allow the user to mask the altered save file as a normal file and continue use of the homebrew apps as usual.

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